Street Art Memorial Commemorating 9/11 Was Created In Downtown NY



Street artist Mr. Brainwash has created a colorful city-themed memorial 9/11 mural reading “New York City Is Beautiful” in bright pink letters onto the walls in front of the downtown New York City Century 21 department store.

Never forget. It’s a promise Mr. Brainwash makes sure we keep. For the second year, the Academy Award-nominated filmmaker and enigmatic street artist has unveiled a mural composed of iconic New York City sights and scenes. “This isn’t just about New York. We wanted to do something that was representative of the city’s resilience and diverse beauty and of the strength of the community – that shows we won’t forget and reminds us to give love on this day” says Mr. Brainwash.

The New York memorial commemorating 9/11 is something that Americans everywhere need every year, even after 14 years since the terrible incident.







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