Star Wars Characters as Ancient Greek Statues



Artist Travis Durden came up with the idea of transforming some Star Wars characters as Ancient Greek statues. Ever wondered how Darth Vader or a Storm Trooper looked like if they had bodies of Greek Gods? Or how Yoda would have looked like if he was an angel? Well, here’s your chance. Travis Durden took this concept and by using digital technology, he was able to transform this “dream” into a reality.

The heads are pulled directly from the movie franchise while the bodies belong to some faux-marble statues from the Louvre Museum in Paris. Darth Vader now shows us his magnificent body, all the while sprouting tendrils of hair falling from underneath his menacing mask. A storm trooper on the other hand is reading from an ancient text and General Grievous is trying to pull an arrow from the back of his neck.

The artist behind the sculptures chooses to remain hidden, his artist’s name a mash-up of characters from two of his favorite cult films. [We can only guess where his last name comes from.] Durden is interested in also creating mash-ups within his work, opposite worlds converging to create an original composite. His Star Wars sculptures are his newest works, and can be seen in the exhibition “Contre Attaque,” or counter attack, currently at Galerie Sakura in Paris. Prints are available on Galerie Sakura’s website here.


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