Soviet Women Snipers Who Fought In WWII


Soviet Women Snipers Who Fought In WWII

Soviet Women Snipers Who Fought In WWII
Soviet Women Snipers Who Fought In WWII

It’s not that often that you see old women soldiers out there, let alone women snipers in photos. But what we have here comes from the time of the World War Two era when a lot of the previous, let’s say traditions, about war, were thrown out the window. Together with WWI, the Second World War had seen a major shift in what waging war was all about.

During the first World War, trench warfare was introduced while brightly coloured uniformer were phased out. During WWII, entire women’s battalions were introduced as a way to make up for the truly huge scale of fighting. And this was particularly evident in the Soviet Union.

WWII has seen its fair share of women snipers and soldiers. In the battle of Stalingrad, for instance, a battalion made out of girls that were in charge of anti-aircraft weapons lowered their aims in an attempt of stopping the German advance into the city. Women snipers were also found throughout the ruins of the city, as well as many other battlefields throughout the Eastern Front.

Well, here we have a glimpse at those Soviet women snipers, in a series of colourized photos. All of these women here fought for their country in a successful attempt to save it from the German attacks. Among them is also Lyudmila Pavlichenko also known as ‘Lady Death’.

This series of photographs were colourized by Olga Shirnina, a Moscow-based artist. “There are very few colourized images with Red Army soldiers, I decided to fill this gap,” she said. “Sometimes a picture can say more than many words and I’ll be glad if people learn more about Russia and its people through my colourings.”


Lyuba Makarova was one of the 800,000 women who served in Russia during WWII.
Lyudmila Pavlichenko
Roza Shanina, who was responsible for 59 kills in WWII.
Ziba DeNoise
Lyudmila Pavlichenko is the most successful female sniper in history.
Sniper Yevgenia Makeeva killed 68 Nazi soldiers
Roza Shanina, who was responsible for 59-confirmed kills.
Women of the Central Women’s School of Sniper Training, 1943.
Roza Shanina
‘Lady Death’ is pictured wearing full uniform beneath a framed picture of Soviet dictator, Joseph Stalin.
Nadezhda Kolesnikova
Roza Shanina
Lyudmila Pavlichenko – Credited with 309 kills the most successful woman sniper in history.
Roza Shanina