Shelter Puts Dogs In A Photobooth To Get Them Adopted And The Results Are All That!


Shelter Puts Dogs In A Photobooth To Get Them Adopted And The Results Are All That!
Shelter Puts Dogs In A Photobooth To Get Them Adopted And The Results Are All That!

Shelter puts dogs in a photobooth to get them adopted and the results are all that! These amazing shelter dogs in a photobooth will be the most incredibile thing you’ll see today. The dogs were placed in a photobooth to capture their exact personalities, in order to get them adopted.

An animal rescue and adoption organization based in Utah, U.S., came up with the most incredible idea in order to find a new home for the dogs from their shelters.

Guinnevere Shuster is the mastermind photographer behind this awesome photo shooting and we can only wish that more creative initiatives will find a way to help our little furry friends.

This photobooth shooting was a real success and we are happy to say that all the dogs you see on the next pages have already been adopted!

Shelter Puts Dogs In A Photobooth To Get Them Adopted And The Results Are All That!
Shelter Puts Dogs In A Photobooth To Get Them Adopted And The Results Are All That!

How can you not fall in love with those big brown eyes?

Shelter Puts Dogs In A Photobooth To Get Them Adopted And The Results Are All That!
Shelter Puts Dogs In A Photobooth To Get Them Adopted And The Results Are All That!

Just look at him! He’s just dying to meet you!


He just wants a little bit of your love and attention.


High-five little doggy!


He can lick his nose for hours.


Well, aren’t you adorable?


That face!


We are so happy to say that all these shelter dogs got adopted!


Keep spreading the word to raise more and more awareness about animals living in shelters. They really need a home and they will offer you their undivided attention and all the love in the world.

Shelter Puts Dogs In A Photobooth To Get Them Adopted And The Results Are All That!
Shelter Puts Dogs In A Photobooth To Get Them Adopted And The Results Are All That!




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  • Bev

    I loved each and everyone of these photos. They truly are amazing pups and I pray they find loving homes.

    • They deserve the best!

    • i think you overlooked the last line- “This photobooth shooting was a real success and we are happy to say that all the dogs you see before you have already been adopted!’ hurrah!

      • That’s Fantastic news… 🙂

      • Thank you I did miss that actually and was wondering how successful it was. They should keep going

      • nicole

        This is awesome, the pictures really made my day

    • LOl me too. Hilarious!

    • They already did. Reading the story is sometimes helpful.

    • mona erdrich

      The article says all of these were adopted.

  • Michelle

    They deserve a loving home x

  • You should create a photo book and sell them to raise funds for the shelter! Every picture speaks volumes!!!

    • great idea!

    • Maybe calendars?

      • caitlin

        I would buy 20 of them!!!!

    • Kelley

      Excellent Idea! Both their’s and yours!

    • cheryl

      That is a brilliant idea.all shelters should do this.great coffee table grand parents had a fog book I was fascinated with it.

      • Barbara

        A fog book?! A book about fog?

    • cstell

      I was thinking set up a photo booth for the public at a fee and use the money for the shelter. 🙂

      • TR

        A photo booth to get pictures of dog and owner together. I would pay to get these pictures done of my dogs too.

      • Brittany

        That’d be a great idea!!

    • Beverly

      Great idea! I would totally buy that!

    • Diana

      you should go on their website and suggest it. Its a fantastic idea!

    • Natasha Helischauer

      Great idea!

    • Freda

      great idea!

  • Sandra Wallace

    These pictures are awesome ,the photographer really knew how to capture the personalities of each dog!

    • volantmanent


  • Dee

    Wonderful photos!

  • Jodi

    Awesome idea! Every one of them is overflowing with personality!

  • Bill

    Wonderful Idea thanks for writing about this. I have shared this with some people on Facebook that will love this. I believe this will really help people to adopt and foster.

  • kelster

    Love this!!!!

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  • Jamie

    If you read the article it indicates they’re all adopted by the time this was published…yay ❤

  • Absolutely Brilliant!!!

  • Ora

    I so wish the same could be done for children and the unborn!!!!

    • kat

      Do something about it! How do you think someone came up with this idea? It was a wish and then it became a plan.

    • D

      What do unborn and young children have to do with a dog phot obooth in an animal shelter to boost adoptions? Nothing except your contorted attempt to politicize even something as simple as pet adoption. I suggest you STFU.

      • Tracey

        BEST comment on this thread!!!

      • Bobby G

        Bravo! Why do the un-religious right always feel the need to go there? Fear is usually the driving force, and as the addage goes, ‘a life lived in fear is a life half-lived.’

      • nicolle


      • Ryan James

        I think that she meant for children in orphanages and the foster care system. And if that is what she meant…. Then she has a great idea.

      • I agree with you! Don’t get why people compare. Children get much more help than animals. Do we euthanize children because they can’t find homes? No! Stop comparing because animals have very little help in very little time!

      • I totally agree with your comment. Why do people have to compare? Are children being euthanize because they can’t find homes? No! This is not the same as abortion in case nut jobs want to throw that in there. Face it, animals get very little help with very little time.

      • Like!!

      • Stretch

        You must Be a very lonely person

      • Like your comment!

      • Sorry for my duplicate comments. My comment wasn’t going through and had to re do it!

    • It’s already being done for children:

    • For the “unborn”????? And how do you suppose that will be done? Photos of sperm and uteruses inside a photo booth??? This is why you pro-lifers are SO brilliant.

      • Bob

        – Comment liked

      • Grey Avatar


      • Haters gonna hate

        It’s called ultrasound

      • Cindy

        Lol! No if pro-lifers had their way they would shove cameras up our vaginas!!

    • Uh ok.

    • The unborn? Oh dear… how would that work?…

    • Great idea! I know I’d love to adopt some kids or unborn fetuses but I can’t visualize them adorably anticipating a treat. Fetuses and shelter pets: Perfect analogy.

      • SS


    • Kellogg Awesome

      Go to they have amazing pics of fetuses ready to be adopted. So cute:)

    • Kellogg Awesome

      Don’t listen to these uptight pricks. It’s a fetus eat fetus world I had to eat my brother.

  • Carla Bell

    Love this idea. I want to find a photo booth for our dog!

  • Awesome creative initiative for a worthy cause. Bravo!

  • So cute!

  • jenna

    These are frame able, you should sell them as art to collect for the shelter.

    • Excellent idea! The people from the shelter should definitely do this!

  • Kim owens

    I volunteer and foster for a rescue. These photos are brilliant!

  • Leigh

    Calenders would be awesome!

  • Great idea – It lets their personality shine through!

  • lockewasright

    Dogs are the best people in the world.

  • Luka

    Omg, that basset hound lol

    • Emily

      The Bassett is my favorite! My 2nd favorite breed behind the corgi

  • I worked at the oregon humane socity I thing it would menifit

  • A book of these photos to raise funds is a great idea

  • Jennifer

    I could look at these adorable pics all day long!!

  • Kathy

    What a FUN idea!!! These were all GREAT! I love the one that’s waiving. lol!!

  • Nick

    all adopted? that’s awesome, good news to start my day 🙂

  • Susan Beierle

    What great work the HSU is doing, and kudos to the photographer’s creativity.

  • Sam Davis

    YEs lovely photos shows personality! And also you can do calendars To raise money for the shelter!

  • kayla clark

    Awww I want to adopt one

    • Excellent, Kayla! Visit the shelter’s website! 🙂

  • Jane

    These are wonderful smile-worthy captures of some of the personalities of our precious furry friends. Thanks for sharing!

  • John Fisher

    This is an awesome idea…..shelters all around the world should give this a try. It just might work and become the solution to a problem we are all trying to obliterate. Good on you!!

  • Yesy

    I want to adopt them all omg so adorable, this truly made my day 🙂

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  • Jordan

    Great idea, great photos, but I can’t believe these dogs were in a rescue shelter. Top and expensive breed dogs, young and in shape. All of these pictures look like people’s expensive farm bought dogs with the exception of 2 or 3 dogs. The marketing world puts a spin on stuff like this to increase viewership and the likelihood people will click bait. Again, awesome photos, awesome idea, beautiful dogs, but not a real scenario… reeks of marketing scheme.

    • Jdrum1

      You’ve clearly never been to a shelter. They’re all filled with “young, in shape” dogs. Many are purebred.

    • If you start looking at rescues, shelters, ads, You will find there is just about every kind of dog you could think of, including purebreds. Many people get dogs seeing them in tv shows & movies that don’t address having to train them, put up with puppy behavior (think toddler) clean up poo, ect. ect. They were bought to be an accessory to a lifestyle rather than a life long companion & friend. I got a German Shepherd from a family that was sending her to the pound if they didn’t find a home for her. At 10 months I was her 4th home.
      She was an absolutely beautiful dog, no major behavior problems, loving & protective. I love people that will think outside the box to get these dogs adopted because being a purebred especially if they are surrendered without papers ( & who want to admit they made that expensive mistake) can still end up on death row through no fault of their own.

      • Disappointed Vet Tech

        Ads and shelters are two EXTREMELY different things. I have worked in shelters for many, many years and completely agree with people who have doubts. You do not see these dogs in shelters. Period. this is highly suspicious and I hope someone is not profiting off this… like say… a photographer… instead of the animals. It’s also worth noting this is not even a photobooth. They are clearly taken by a professional, as anyone whose ever taken a photo of an animal will tell you. LOL They would not turn out that absolutely perfect unless a professional were shooting and editing. It’s a very sweet story, but it is just that: a story.

        • Betty MacRae

          I am a amateur photography and will be volunteering my time to photography dogs for a rescue group. Since we adopted a puppy from them it is my way of giving back with no financial gain to myself. There are many people that volunteer their services for good causes. I don’t understand why people would doubt this!

          • Janet

            That’s a wonderful way to give back to your shelter. As a shelter volunteer I’ve seen the power of photos on FB. We don’t have a professional doing our pictures for Petfinder but we do work pretty hard to get the best photo of each dog that we can. We never post those sad cage pictures.

        • Alex Smith

          I follow this shelter on Facebook, it’s located in Salt Lake City and I have been to the shelter before. These photos are of dogs that were up for adoption. It’s not just “a story”. You’re right, it is a professional photographer taking these photos, but it is one who is donating their time and talent. This shelter does amazing things for their animals to help them find homes.

          • Janet

            Guessing this is Best Friends and as I hear it they have plenty of resources to get dogs adopted. They probably already do calendars and coffee table books to raise funds but those are good ideas for other rescues. Still fun looking at great dog pictures.

    • cricket

      There are rescues for just about every breed of dog in existence. Many people view all their expensive toys as disposable, including pure bred dogs. Don’t believe people give them up? Google ANY breed of dog, followed by the term “rescue” in your search bar.

      • Agreed! I was volunteering 3days a week at my city’s HSPCA shelter about a decade ago. pure bred or not, they weren’t show quality (kind of the purpose of legit pure bred, to keep the breed standard and keep records so as to keep blood lines far enough apart… vs over-breeders and pet shop breeders who just want money), but they were loving beautiful dogs that were bought initially by the family and as usual that breed was one they could not handle… like the working breeds that need lots of activities to keep them happy and ‘out of trouble’… and that means time and training on the part of the family. I adopted a full bred FLAT COATED RETRIEVER. In the same six month period i saw BORDER COLLIE, SHETLAND, ROUGH COAT COLLIE, BLUE HEALER, AUSTRALIAN CATTLE DOG, JACK RUSSEL TERRIER and a lot of LABS. They may have been 10-20% of the dog population in the shelter at any given time, but when you have over 100 dogs, that’s still alot. Obviously, THE ARTICLE WRITTEN above selected these 13 dogs out of what could be a 100 or more that were photographed.

    • camille

      Jordan, you’re wrong about that. Throughout my life we’ve gotten a 3 month old miniature Australian Shepard, a very young border collie, and a young boxer that were all wonderful, in shape, amazing dogs! We rescued our cats from an abandoned farm but my family has always adopted from the pound! Pound dogs are the best dogs because they are so incredibly loyal. Pure bred dogs need homes too but mixed breeds are generally healthier and live longer. If you’re thinking about adopting, please visit your local shelter, pound and rescue and decide for yourself. There are young and old, big and small, every color, breed, make, model and year in there and they all would LOVE to go home with someone who was willing to take care of them and love them.

      • Not to mention all the backyard breeders selling “purebred” but not properly bred animals. I’ve seen plenty of boxers, german shepherds, aussies, beagles, labs, yorkies etc. in our local county shelter alone, and that’s just over the last year. The first two dogs my husband and I adopted were beagle females who were dumped when they weren’t producing litters for the piece of crap breeder who owned them. Ten months to two years is a prime age for animals to be given up to a shelter or rescue, because that’s the age between the cute puppy stage and adulthood when the dogs are active and coming into their adult personalities. People adopt them as cute little puppies, don’t have the sense to train them, and then dump them in a shelter when they don’t have proper manners, no matter WHAT the breed.

    • Sadly, as others have said, pedigrees often end up in Rescue. Reputable breeders often ask that dogs be returned to them if the owners can’t keep them, Sometimes the reasons are genuine: we have just adopted a siamese cat whose previous owner developed alzheimers.

    • Jules

      Um, you’re very wrong about this…. This is the Humane Society of Utah, not far from my house. these are real dogs they rescued and adopted out. They are one of the largest, most successful no kill shelters in the state and therefore are able to receive and care for animals of all kinds. They dont adopt out pets until all of their health and behavioral issues have been adressed which is why they look SO great! They routinely post these photos of tbeir adoptable pets and I have even seen some of the pets in their photos at an adoption event. Just because the let’s are purebred or well cared for does not mean that that aren’t rescued animals. My own cat is a Persian, and he was rescued!

      You’re right, it is a GREAT marketing tactic, but its a REAL scenario. They are so great at what they do that they just received a 10,000 dollar grant from love Utah, give Utah.

      • Like!! People who think shelters don’t have great dogs are fools! Their ignorant thinking hurts animals who need homes now!

    • Janet

      I too volunteer in a shelter and we DO get these type of dogs. We’ve adopted out two Dobermans in the last couple of months as well as numerous GSDs, yorkies, long haired doxies, poodles, Huskies, etc., etc. Most dogs are in good shape coming in to the shelter and are pretty easily adopted. Our biggest problems are the small frightened dogs which we work to rehabilitate. We have no idea for the most part what they’ve been through before they got to us but in so many cases we believe the new homes we find them are superior to what they had. I’ve had many adopters return to tell us what wonderful dog they adopted. Shelter dogs are NOT all vicious, unruly dogs and if they are it’s because some human made them that way!

    • Cheryl

      These ARE shelter dogs. Do you really think people don’t throw away “pure bred” dogs? Step outside your bubble and visit a shelter. Yes I live in Utah and yes these dogs are in shelters.

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  • Sandi Belsole

    how cute are they!! I’d like to adopt every one of them!!

  • Kerry

    Wonderful pics. Very talented photographer thanks for helping out the babies!!!!

  • Stellar idea. Great lookin’ pups.

  • Deborah Wenzler

    This must be Best Friends Animal Rescue in Kanab, Utah! I love that place! We have them in our will to take our cats if something should ever happen to us. Let’s keep these wonderful folks going strong!

  • Annette

    Left a smile on my face 🙂

  • What a great idea! Made me smile. Glad they all got forever homes.

  • Rudi

    Omg ! I already have 8 dogs but I would adopt all of them!!

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  • Coen

    aww, missing my own dog after seeing these, moved into my grandfather place where they dont allow dogs

  • I love the dobermann

  • Paula

    I love the photos! All the dogs are adorable. Sad to say, but the dogs that end up in our shelter aren’t always this beautiful, or look like they’re full-blooded breeds. I’d love to see some fab photos of mutts.

  • Disappointed Vet Tech

    Uh…. Never in my 10+ years of working in shelters across the country have I EVER seen this many pure-breed dogs in a shelter. Sometimes you will get Labs and Rottis with behavioural issues, but keep in mind owners pay upwards of $1500 or more for a thoroughbred dog.. People just do not give them up, or rehome them if they need to. You just dont see them in shelters, and if you do, they tend to be adopted so fast its done before their entry papers are.

    This is cute, but I have extreme doubts that they are who they claim they are… and I hope that if they’re getting money for this that it is going to the animals. Its the non-pure breed dogs who’ve been there for 3 years who have kennel depression that we need to raise awareness about. They will become amazing dogs once given a chance.

    • RoseC

      Your overly suspicious and depressing comments on here are not wanted. The animals being photographed are in a photo booth, as in a smaller area set up inside a photo studio to accomodate animals, not a photo booth you see inside shopping malls. Perhaps if you were a professional photographer rather than a professional conspiracy theorist, you’d understand. This means they take many many pictures at once and then edit out the bad ones. Obviously you would only want to use the really good pics that turn out for your shelter advertisements to get more donations. Considering you don’t work for this shelter or familiar with the region its in, it’d be nice if you could stop trying to sabotage a noble cause with your overgeneralizations.

    • Lauren

      I don’t know where you live that doesn’t have purebred dogs in shelters because in Texas I see all variety of purebred dogs come in CONSTANTLY. Have you ever heard of breed rescues? Where do you think they get the majority of the purebred dogs in their care? Shelters. You seem very ignorant of how the shelter/rescue system works. Don’t comment about something if you don’t have the facts. It will only convince people who don’t know better to go to a breeder thinking they can’t get a good rescue dog.

    • Danielle

      If you really cared about animals it wouldn’t matter how the shelter was finding them good homes versus having to put them down! I sure hope you don’t work for the vet I take my animals to!

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  • Aj

    All these dogs have NOT been adopted. I checked the site and some are still there in Foster homes. This article should be more accurate so the remaining dogs can find homes.

    • Don’t think you have the correct information. I think it was more than double checked 🙂

    • The article is referring to the dogs in the pictures.

  • Megan

    They didn’t exactly come up with the idea as Lynn Terry Photography went viral for her photo booth dogs previously. She also has a book out.

  • Melissa

    Omg! So cute! haha

  • these furbabies arecsuch hams! Loving it!!

  • Ginger

    I have no words….. just tears of joy! Thank you for your time and effort to help these beautiful animals. If I could, I’d have a dog for every day of the week!!

  • Julia Cartmel Jester

    This is a great idea! You can see their personality in their pics!

  • Born4powder

    And now with cats please 😉

  • melissa

    Why are all these dogs pure bred? Who goes to an animal shelter full of pure breed dogs?

    • There are all breeds in shelters for many reasons. Why do people think shelters don’t have full breds and adoptable great dogs & cats? Close to 10 Thousand (these numbers may have gone down but it’s still too high) dogs, double for cats are put to death every day In Over Crowded Shelters!

  • Calendars would be amazing! I would buy them!

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  • Mariah

    All the naysayers… I’ve done rescue for years, currently have 14 at the rescue. And purebred (wtf is a thoroughbred dog… That sounds like crossbreeding horses and canines) dogs end up on death row as much as any. I have 5 purebred pits, most were pound bound. Had a purebred Tibetan Mastiff, again, pound bound. Purebred Dogo Argentino, was dumped on the road. Guess where Animal Control would have taken him if we didn’t find him first. Had two purebred chocolate labs, a purebred Australian Shepherd, purebred MinPin, purebred Beagle, purebred Great Dane. All dumped. All would have gone to the pound if Animal Control picked them up. Found a dumped purebred husky and am networking to find a foster for a pure Husky and a pure Bernese Mtn Dog in the pound. I’m sure there’ve been others we’ve saved, but the list is so long and it’s late. Not only purebred dogs that were in or headed to the pound, but quite a few RARE purebred dogs. Obviously the $$$ people spent on them didn’t matter. Most had excellent manners too, most were less than two years, and many only about a year.

    And just because you may be a vet tech doesn’t mean you’re any sort of expert. I’ve run rescues, done training and behavioral reshaping for years, and am a vet tech student with plans of Davis for my DVM, and I’ve met vet techs who seriously thought a flea was a baby tick and other such phenomenally mind blowing bits of stupidity, so I hope you’re not throwing your job title to your negative nelly shenanigans to make it seem like your conspiracy theory parade-raining is gospel.

    Although I will give you credit on one thing; it would have been nice to have a bit more mixed breeds in there… But, regardless, it was all with good intentions, and lives were saved either way.

  • I have had pure bred gorgeous dobermans and a Chihuahua that I adopted from shelters…and friends who have gotten boxers, labs & min pins (miniature pinchers) from.random shelters as well….and some adorable mixed pups as well. I donate time/services with shelters in southern California and yes I have seen dogs similar to those pictured above many times. Not all are in great shape, but many are and others just need some extra feed and care after being abandoned on the street or in some field to be comparable to any bbc of those pictured. Maybe a professional photographer got the best picture possible of these pups, but if it gets even a couple of people to rescue a dog ot two who might not have thought to do so otherwise, mission accomplished! A couple less dogs being put down?!? Yay!!!
    Keep the photos coming!!!
    Dr. Michelle

  • Mariah, so well stated on so many levels…good luck at Davis!

  • Kimberley McKibbin

    Magnificent idea from someone who cares

  • Julie

    Great idea and beautiful pictures really capturing the soul of these animals!!!

  • I want all of them!

  • I’m going to do the same for my local shelter. What an awesome idea.

  • theresa

    That is the best idea i think all animal shelters should do that get more animals adopted .


  • Jeaux

    SO loving these and what a great idea. Let’s hope the power of FB will do good and pass this idea along to shelters around the country.

  • julie

    IThink this idea was brilliant!! Way to go!!

  • Joanna


  • Tina

    WHO would’ nt whant these crazy, beautiful and sweet pups???? I would take each and everyone, if U could myself. Hope the best for you.

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  • Wendy

    Please also be aware that there are nasty people who pretend they want a dog and have a loving home for them, or their dog died an want another one cos the kids miss it…..and they are actually using them as bait dogs, for dog fighting. Dogs…free to a loving home, used by dog fighters. If animals start disappearing around your neighbourhood, look out for markings around the street and wallsThey may be signs that dogs live at the house, and they could be stolen from your house or garden.

  • Janet

    As a rescue volunteer I do the best I can to find every dog a good home. I work hard to not be judgmental about people who come to our shelter but there are times when I try to discourage people from adopting a dog. I’m not always successful and sometimes a dog is returned. I guess what I’m trying to say is we can’t control what someone does with a dog after it goes home with them but we can’t refuse an adoption based on the fact that they don’t look like us. At a sporting event last night my 10 yr old granddaughter and I saw a homeless woman digging in the trash. She had a small dog on a leash with her. My GD wanted to take the dog away from her. I tried to explain that the homeless generally love their dog very much and try to take the best care of them possible often feeding the dog before themselves. No they don’t look like us either.

  • Oh my goodness! What a terrific idea and such wonderful shots! That boxer is darling, the Bassett looks as if it’s winking, the labs hilarious, and the pitts just adorable. So glad this got them homes!

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  • LOVE this idea! Wow. These dogs should all be adopted to their forever homes. Nice job, guys!

  • Tanya K

    Does anyone know where to get one of these treat dispensing photo booths?

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  • Cathie

    We have dogs at our city shelter who look like the dogs in these photos. Often, we have a high percentage of pit mixes, but the past several months have been much bigger variety. We even have some great danes to rescue situation. You never know what you will find on any given day at our facility. Animal Care and Protective Services, 2020 Forest Street, Jacksonville, Florida. And …. we are getting one of these photobooths thanks to our supporters at Friends of Jacksonville Animals!

  • trew

    I live in Miami and have gotten both of my dogs from the shelter. Both pure bred Doberman and Dauschund. There are ALWAYS pure bred dogs and cats there… And ALOT.

    • tawny

      I adopted my dobe from a friend n she’s my baby. 🙂 but shelter it is for the next

  • Michael

    Awesome! Hold a contest for the best funny caption for each pic in the dog’s photo shoot sequence, produce calendars and use the proceeds for further support of the adoption process.

    • Meghan

      That’s an awesome idea!!

  • jennifer

    love works wonders…. only those who love these shelter animals can make them look so beautiful

  • Angyal5


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  • Super cute photos, but so not a photo booth…a white backdrop with professional studio lighting. Also not a new idea…we’ve been doing this at our studio for decades and at the local SPCA for the last year. Cracks me up! I can see it now…people will be renting photo booths and trying to jam their pets in them to get photos like these!! The writer should get their facts straight!

    • Kathy

      Such a negative review! Congrats you’ve been doing this for a year BUT, why the negativity that another place is doing it too? Then the downer statements about it not being a photo-booth thing. Sheesh, who cares? It’s working and if pet owners try to use a photo-booth and find out it doesn’t work for them, so what? Those dogs with loving homes already won’t care! I’m thinking the real stick in your side is this place got recognition and an article online and you are jealous. Jealousy is an ugly thing, makes people act and do petty things.

      • Tanya K

        I don’t see what the post was negative at all. I see it as a FACTUAL post and am thankful she posted it.

      • Common Sense

        Actually, it matters. Why waste money on a photo booth if it doesn’t produce the results the shelter wants? Money can be scarce and I would absolutely want to know this, to stretch every penny for the care of the animals. And yes, writers should absolutely fact-check their work. And why are YOU so negative?

    • Tanya K

      Thank you for clarify! I was wondering how in the heck they got dogs to 1) even go into a photo booth, and 2) to sit still for photos. This explains a lot! Great photos, but quite misleading for the person to put that it was a Photo Booth.

    • AJ

      Honestly, if it helps to get dogs adopted, its a great article. It may not be a human photo booth, but I’m sure the dogs feel its a booth of kinds – a small room with scary lights, people, noises! Come on, where’s your sense of kindness and generosity? Qualities I would think you would need to work in the field you are in. Just celebrate the success this place is having in getting these wonderful animals forever homes!

    • lpatten

      There are people who understand how you feel deeakright! All of the others are mostly consumers. They don’t know what it’s like to watch someone with the same idea have people falling at their feet for nothing, even if they’re lying about what they did, though I don’t know what the truth is here. But, that’s how the world works. There’ll always be some unknowing, well-meaning person who thinks you’re overreacting. Pay them no mind. If you’re doing the same kind of work. Kudos to you. You deserve the same recognition.

    • Kathie

      Why bring negative energy to such a wonderfully positive thing?

    • TALLy’all

      I suspect the term “photo booth” is being used generically here. Meaning: any room with a camera set up to go off automatically (or with the help of a person). Similar to the “photo booths” being set up on timers at wedding receptions.

  • Diane

    Is it always the case in America, that certain dog breeds have surgical procedures carried out to make their ears stand up, or cats having claws removed etc?

    • Lauren

      No it is not always the case and many vets sway owners away from those procedures. Look what America is doing for these dogs right here. Quit your country hatin’ and move on.

    • Joanna

      Many rescue groups (including the one I am with) require people to sign a contract that they won’t declaw. We just rejected an application today, since she plans to declaw. We do our best to protect our foster “babies”.

    • Karma

      No it’s not always the case. I’m against cosmetic surgery in animals. There is no reason for it. However breeders of dobermans in the USA will NOT let you have one of their puppies without it’s tail docked and ears cut. It’s sick, I was looking for a pup 2 years ago and wanted a natural doberman and gave up. My choice was an unhealthy back yard breeder puppy or to have it cut up.

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  • Colette

    these are wonderful and amazing! as an adopter parent of 3 wonderful older animals, It’s changed my life for the better. All it takes is time and patience. Sure Puppies have adorable faces but grown animals just win my heart every time.

  • Darlene

    awesome pictures, who cares if its a photobooth or a backdrop, these pups got a home!!, lets post more shelter dogs this way, lets save them all!!!!

  • awwwww super super cute! I have had piglets and ponies in my photobooths!!

  • Marian

    I love the photos, but what does “all that” mean?

    • Sempuh

      “All that” is just a phrase. As in, “She thinks she’s ‘all that.'” Or, “He’s ‘all that’ and a bag o’chips.” It means that it’s something very good.

  • helena

    Look people stop with the negative your forgetting the reason behind it all its about theses poor dogs that need a home family Any way thay can an will try to do that makes there dreams come true thay will do everything thay can to make that happen if it works it works every thing is possible an worth trying xx

    • Kt

      Thank you!

  • helena

    There’s a lot of dogs every day every minute been put to sleep for not enough homes an dogs abused killed in fighting left on street we are disgrace of humans so we should thank the people who are trying there best to help them

  • I witnessed photos taken at my local shelter in a small room — not a photo booth. One person was using toys and treats to get the pet’s reaction. The term photo booth was probably incorrect and photos were probably taken in a small room.

  • I love this ! 🙂

  • Kt

    Love love love! Photobooth or not. It is or should be about the pooches. Just enjoy. Geesh! You don’t have to be right all of the time folks.

  • mscott8211

    that is such a great idea. I signed up yesterday to be a volunteer at our NO KILL animal shelter. I can’t wait to get started.

  • Rebecca


  • diane c.

    love love love this. wish I could have them all.

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  • Beautiful idea…I hope it works…

  • Ilaniam

    Shelter my ass. Most of these dogs are pure bred. Click bait.

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