Sexy French Farmers Pose for 2017 Calendar


Sexy French Farmers Pose for 2017 Calendar


Around the same time last year, the holiday season was literally taken by storm with the French Pompiers Sans Frontières (Firefighters Without Borders), and their flaming hot calendar. With a good cause in mind, world-renowned, Paris-based photographer, Fred Goudon, made that previous calendar, which proved to be a tremendous hit among the ladies and gents alike, and not only in France but abroad as well.

This year, in the hopes of recreating his past success, Goudon came back with next year’s calendar; French Farmers. Like the calendar the previous year, au naturel pin-up boys / models / farmers. The calendar is showcasing sexy labourers and field workers from various countrysides like Champagne, Normandy, Picardie, and Provence. The shots feature shirtless farmers in their natural, let’s say, habitat. Some are photographed solo, while others are with various barnyard animals they tend to.

All photographs are made in black and white, offering an au naturel look into the life of these French farmers. On his blog, Goudon explains the motivation behind the shoot. “The French Farmers Calendar is a tribute to a profession which often lacks gratefulness,” he explains.

“All of them have lent themselves to play the game of posing in a sexy way to promote in an off-the-wall way the work and dedication with which the farmers are involved relentlessly in their hard job. We have been warmly welcomed by farm owners all over France to make this project as realistic as possible.”

If you’d like to ring in 2017 with France’s finest farmhands, you can pick up Le Calendrier des Agriculteurs on Amazon.

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