Selcuk Yilmaz’s Hammered Animal Steel Head Sculptures


Selcuk Yilmaz’s Hammered Animal Steel Head Sculptures


Selcuk Yilmaz’s hammered animal steel head sculptures. They used to make swords, arrows and armor with the steel. Artists never really loved it for its hardness, inflexibility and lack of versatility. May be rightly so, since what else you could make from steel except something to cut, claw or eat with. Think again! there might be something more.

Think from the perspective of someone creative. here is an artist you must see using very fine and thin shreds of welded steel, Turkish artist and sculptor Selcuk Kelmiz carves stunning heads of animals into steel sculptures. The animals that he has featured include tiger, fox, lynx an many others.

Talent can be found everywhere and people can make anything out of pretty much everything. Take Yilmazs’ example and see what you can do. It all boils down to what you loved doing when you were young and evolve it to suit your needs today. Don’t necessarily think about money, because money will eventually come from what you do.

Working with steel was his passion. Maybe you have the same thing or something else. Who knows. You have to try it out.


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