How To Seduce Any Woman Based On Her Zodiac Sign


How To Seduce Any Woman Based On Her Zodiac Sign

How To Seduce Any Woman Based On Her Zodiac Sign
How To Seduce Any Woman Based On Her Zodiac Sign

Now even though there is no proof that your zodiac sign has any influence over life, a lot of people believe in them. The reason behind this belief is probably the same as believing in a higher being – in that it offers a consolation in the idea that there is a master plan at play here and each of us has a purpose. And even though there is no proven correlation, many fall within the description of what their zodiac sign says about them – in a sort of self-fulfilling prophecy, if you will. With this in mind, here are the things to keep in mind when trying to seduce a lady, based on her own zodiac sign.


Women with the Aries zodiac sign needs to feel that they are the authoritative figure, and as a result, you will need to let them take charge in some situations. They admire honesty and self-confidence, so you will need to approach her directly in order to make a good first impression. Tell her about your intentions without appearing too accessible, and let her take part in the ‘hunt’ as well.

If you’re honest, she’ll be honest in turn and will open up to you, if you appear to be a trustworthy person. Aries women don’t like to feel tied down. This, of course, doesn’t mean that they don’t like a long and steady relationship, but it does mean that she loves her independence. She doesn’t like monotony, so you have to bring your A game quite often. Don’t take this as a bad thing, though, because this will keep you in shape, and she will also bring new things to the table here.



How To Seduce Any Woman Based On Her Zodiac Sign
How To Seduce Any Woman Based On Her Zodiac Sign


The key to every Taurus woman is to take things slow. She doesn’t like to be rushed, so, don’t do it. This zodiac sign also implies that you should always look your best and show that you take care of yourself. Do not play hard to get, or try to make her jealous because it won’t work. Taurus women tend to take the path of least resistance when it comes to romantic relationships.

Like Aries, Taurus loves honesty and will reward it with the same. Also show her that you’re worth to keep around the house, meaning that you have a practical person. Show her that you’re self-sufficient by knowing how to fix stuff, you’re smart on your feet, and a good cook.



The Gemini zodiac sign in women presents itself in the form of constantly looking for something new and exciting to do. They enjoy flirting and will probably best you in this regard – have fun with that. Do not put pressure on her, however, and know when to back off. Gemini women love their privacy as much as they love adventure.

They also love to talk and are looking for someone who has a talent for it as well. They’re looking for guys with a lot of friends. This implies that you should have a sense of humor. Always remember that practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to talking and cracking jokes.


How To Seduce Any Woman Based On Her Zodiac Sign

Cancer women like to help out. So the best way to get their attention is to show some sort of weakness that they can aid you with. The family is something that revolves around Cancer women – so talk about that. As a result, she is also looking for a ‘family boy’ and talk about how the family is important to you. Also, show her that you would be able to take care of your own.

Showing empathy also goes a long way here. Being a good listener means that you’re half-way there. Being romantic by nature and showing your inner self is what gets the job done here. They don’t mind lies, or white lies, to be more exact because they know that family-life revolves around compromise.


Leo women like to socialize, take charge, and receive praise. Do, or accommodate these things and you’re in. Leo women like to be around people and talk the night away, so be prepared for that. Learn to love talking about stuff. They also like men that are devoted, affectionate, and eager to pamper. Underneath the tough exterior may lie a sensitive soul, craving for love.

Try and make her jealous from time to time – she’ll appreciate you for it. This, of course, doesn’t mean that you should cheat or intend to, but by showing her that you’re not submissive will kickstart her ‘hunting’ nature. Everybody will win here if done right.


How To Seduce Any Woman Based On Her Zodiac Sign

Self-confidence also implies that you know when and how to ask for help or advice, not just blindly going forward. This is what Virgo likes. Being tidy and well-groomed is also a must. Having a sense of humor here is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, they generally dislike jokes, especially bad jokes, but on the other hand, they like sarcasm and irony.

Old-fashioned common sense is a trait highly desired by Virgo women. Being stylish and well mannered is the key to a Virgo’s heart. Don’t expect too much on the first date, though, but be patient. Material safety is something they look for in a man, but don’t just simply throw money around because they love financially literate men.


Libra women like to make their own decisions. As a result, you shouldn’t force her in any way to make any pledges to you – so leave things as they are. They like calm men, so don’t be rude, aggressive, quarrelsome, or garrulous. Be patient, listen, and allow her to balance all the possibilities out before taking a decision.

Compliment her on her looks, and take your own looks into consideration. To properly seduce a Libra, you first need to become her best friend. Become the man she trusts the most by being honest and someone she can confide in, and you’re in.


Being mysterious is what Scorpio women like in a man. But lying is something they hate, so find the right balance there. They’re also attracted to men with high aspirations and more than willing to get there. They don’t like to constantly push someone from behind. Scorpios also like the ‘hunt’ so don’t be too eager to please and let yourself be ‘caught’ immediately. Show her that you can easily live your life without her, but you’d like it if you were together.

But the no.1 rule here is to not impose your views and not tell her what to do. Scorpio women love their independence and if they feel it threatened, they’ll leave.


A strong sense of humor and complete honesty are traits highly sought after by Sagittarius women. If you’re caught lying, it will be hard to come back from that. They like talking about moral values, the meaning of life, and other metaphysical stuff like that. Asking for her opinion and advice is a good idea.

Flirting is a favored Sagittarius pastime, so engage in it without hesitation. They’re also known for their fondness for one-night-stands and have the ‘talents’ to prove it. But once in a relationship, they will ‘flirt’ only with you. She is a positive person and will uplift your spirits if you’re down, and like men that are the same. She won’t stay angry for very long, but she won’t forget either – especially the capital sins of lying or cheating.


The definite characteristic of a Capricorn is practicality. They are also realistic and ambitious, and if they don’t see in you someone who will help them achieve their goals, then you stand little chance. You basically need to show the same characteristics as her before going forward – ambition, level-headedness, and a career-driven lifestyle. Being proactive is a must, regardless of what you do. Take charge of the situation and see it through.

It will be a rarity to catch a Capricorn off guard and don’t like to be in ridiculous situations. Favorite topics of discussion revolve around the material such as finance, politics, or global economy. The first encounter with a Capricorn should not involve flirting. Focus instead on presenting yourself as a person of dignity and respect. Facking these qualities, however, doesn’t work with them. But ‘fake it till you make it’ could be something to consider as a means to better yourself – prior to your encounter with her.


This might be risky, especially with other women, but staring at an Aquarius might just get your foot through the door. They like to feel admired and the center of your universe, but don’t overdo it, though, especially if it doesn’t show signs of working. Change tactics instead. Aquarius women don’t like men that share their feeling too much – preferring more the old-fashioned ‘silent type.’ This gives off a quality in you, resembling independence, and is something she also wants for herself – so, don’t impose your views, or compel them to do something.

Your best chance is to become their best friend first and boyfriend later. Springing a romantic surprise now and then will also go a long way. They don’t like you to talk about your feelings that much, but instead show them. A romantic dinner, a night out, an ad-hoc trip somewhere is what you need to do from time to time.


All all the zodiac signs, Pisces women like old-fashioned romance – flowers in pink ribbons, love letters and the like. They’re also more childish than the rest, meaning that they like to play like she did when she was a little girl. So, going to an amusement park, pony rides, or even going on a swing will be greatly appreciated.

Unlike the Aquarius women, Pisces ladies like men who share their feeling and are not afraid to be vulnerable around them. You don’t need to act as the hero in these sort of situations. They also like to be complemented since their own self-esteem is somewhat lower than with the others. Don’t overdo it, either. They don’t like being cornered, so, try to be understanding and forgiving instead.