Stray Dogs Are Moscow’s Subway Most Adorable Commuters


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These Russian stray dogs are Moscow’s subway most adorable commuters and people let them enjoy a little nap while they’re commuting from one underground station to another. Although this may seem like a joke or a fairy tale, in Moscow’s subway, this is a daily routine.

Beautiful and lonely stray dogs are a daily presence in Moscow’s underground, commuting from one station to another, day after day, in search for food. They take the subway early in the morning and go to Russia‘s capital city center, where they are more likely to receive food from generous tourists.

When night comes, for these stray dogs, life isn’t too different from the one that the people of Moscow endure. They take the subway back “home”, in Moscow’s marginal neighborhoods and wait for another day of commute, when they’ll start all over again.

These dogs know at what station to get out. They also sleep on the underground’s benches and people have grown to love them and to not bother them while their resting. They grew accustom to this lifestyle and stray dogs and the people of Moscow live in a beautiful synergy.

Follow their amazing story in the gallery, and let yourself be amazed of how people and animals can coexist in the urban jungle of Moscow’s underground stations.

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