Romanian Inventor Defies Reality By Breaking The World Hoverboard Flight Record!

World Hoverboard Flight Record

Romanian inventor defies reality by breaking the World Hoverboard Flight Record! Catalin Alexandru Dinu managed to amaze the world on Friday, May 22nd, 2015, by flying a hoverboard he invented for over 900 feet (275.9 meters)!

It’s possible that Catalin Alexandru Duru took his inspiration from the Back to the Future II movie, and he managed to turn it into reality, by flying over Lake Oyareau, Quebec, Canada.

One of the Guinness World Records spokesperson present at the record breaking event stated: “This is truly a mesmerizing and incredible feat in the world of engineering and transportation”.

“Straight from something out of the future, Canadian inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru’s propeller-based hoverboard managed to travel a total distance of 275.9 m (905 ft 2 in) to achieve a new Guinness World Records title for Farthest flight by a hoverboard,” according to the announcement from Guinness World Records, which referred to this historical event as “an astonishing new world record in the field of future travel”.

Catalin Alexandru Duru was born in Suceava, Romania and moved with his family to Casablanca, Morocco, at the age of seven. At the age of 17, he moved to Montreal, Canada, where he discovered his passion for science and the Sci-Fi world.