Realistic Oil Paintings of Women in Sheets Celebrate the Beauty of the Female Form

Realistic Oil Paintings of Women in Sheets Celebrate the Beauty of the Female Form


Artist Serge Marshennikov’s delicate oil portraits honour the inherent beauty of the female form. Combining hyper-realistic methods with a flair for accurately conveying the beauty of the women he paints, Marshennikov has made a name for himself in the art world. Recognized as an accomplished contemporary painter, his figurative style draws upon techniques derived from 19th century Russian art in order to deliver spellbinding final works.

The Russian artist has been creating for as long as he can remember.  Encouraged by his mother to pursue his artistic desires, Marshennikov has dedicated his life to developing his skills as a professional painter. His stunning oil pieces have drawn worldwide attention, and he has had work displayed from Russia, England, Denmark and France to Japan. The realistic paintings communicate a chaste allure that makes it difficult to tear one’s gaze away. Marshennikov’s diligence afforded to lighting and soft angles results in mesmerizing final products that impart a feeling of reverence for his feminine subject matter.

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