Privatization Of War Is Man’s Biggest Scurge


private military

For better or worse, governments can be held accountable for crimes against humanity. That’s off course if that government ends up on the losing side. Nevertheless, a country attacking another and calling in a matter of national defense, needs its people to look up the word “defense” in the dictionary. You are not defending yourself when you’re fighting thousands of miles away from home. You’re attacking.

The conflicts in the Middle East have been happening for such a long time now that many who fight in them were only just about 10 years old when their world fell apart all around them. These private military and security companies (known as PMSCs)which deal in arms all across the world, don’t care who is fighting who, and for what purpose, as long as people do so; bullets keep on flying and the money keeps on flowing. Moreover, none of these companies are held responsible for all the miseries and insecurities around the globe. This is the privatization of war.

We live in a time of global uncertainty. Borders will no longer keep us safe from the effects of climate change and if we are to do something about it, we have to work together. For a country or society to evolve and improve, both economically and in terms of human rights, it first needs peace above else. After a period of calm and security from others that would do you harm, you can think about improving your life and that of those around you.

You can’t do that if bullets fly above your head and every step could be your last. This is why we desperately need to stop these mercenary companies profiting from death and destruction, otherwise Mother Earth will wipe us all out. This action doesn’t sit in the hands of politicians because, as you can imagine, they are at these companies’ beck and call.

Watch this video below and see what this really means in real terms.