Pristine Vega Cabin Set On A Small Norwegian Island


Pristine Vega Cabin Set On A Small Norwegian Island


The Vega Cabin is the perfect example of not needing extravagant and luxurious surroundings to be satisfied. The humble getaway is set on Vega, an island set in the Norwegian Sea, and it seemingly blends into the coastline. Designed by the team at Kolman Boye Architects, this could be the perfect weekend escape. The lower level has an open floor plan that surrounds a stone hearth, and it features linseed oil-painted pine paneling.

It has large windows facing in three directions, giving inhabitants gorgeous views of the ocean, the mountain range, and the surrounding bedrock. The second floor features bedrooms and family areas. The house sits on a rock, and its exterior is the same color as the surrounding granite. The interior sports a clean and subtle design, and it notably includes a large shelf built into one of the walls. The landscape surrounding the cabin is untouched.

This Vega cabin is set in such a pristine location, it is almost impossible to not fall in love with the place. Now it’s true you have to be a bit of a lonely soul and to love your independence, but if you are to see the northern lights every other night, right before you go to sleep, this place is pure and simply paradise.


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