Priest Caught Snorting Cocaine in a Nazi Memorabilia Room


Priest Caught Snorting Cocaine in a Nazi Memorabilia Room

Priest Caught Snorting Cocaine in a Nazi Memorabilia Room
Priest Caught Snorting Cocaine in a Nazi Memorabilia Room

This priest caught snorting cocaine in a Nazi memorabilia room, on church grounds, is a paradox in itself. We honestly don’t know what’s worse. The fact that he’s a priest using cocaine, the fact that he’s a Nazi, or the fact that everything happened on church grounds?

We’ll just leave this up to you to decide, after you’ll watch the video for yourself and read his short statement on the issue at hand. A priest, some cocaine and Nazi memorabilia… Sounds like the beginning of a really good joke, doesn’t it?

Father Stephen Crossan was filmed while snorting cocaine at a party held on the grounds of a Roman Catholic church. He is seen sniffing cocaine through a £10 banknote and with all this video evidence against him, he had no other choice than admitting his wrongdoing.

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He said that he does ‘not have an issue with drugs’ and what happened there is just a one time thing. Even so, the man is still a priest… When explaining the Nazi memorabilia found in the 37-year-old priest’s home, he simply said that he is a collector of historical items.

The priest can be heard saying ‘I shouldn’t’ before snorting cocaine on church grounds. Maybe this is the modern version of ‘Eve’s apple’. ‘It was just the one night and that was it. I do not have an issue with drugs,’ said Father Stephen Crossan.

The priest lives on the grounds of St Patrick’s Church in Banbridge, Northern Ireland.

People who attended the party said that Father Stephen Crossan also drank beers and whiskey. They were pretty shocked of all the Nazi memorabilia found inside his home. ‘It was all over the house. At one point Stephen put on a cap and did the Nazi salute. ‘It’s shocking. He’s supposed to be an upstanding member of society. He shouldn’t be taking drugs.’

Contacted by The Sun, the priest said that he was battling depression and when the footage was taken he was on sick leave, not during ‘office hours’.