Pollution In Senegal Captured in Unsettling Photos Called “The Prophecy”



The Prophecy  is a series of haunting images and unsettling photos, depicting the big threats of pollution in Senegal. It is a collaboration between photographer Fabrice Monteiro and fashion designer Jah Gal depicting the various ecological threats Senegal is faced with at this exact moment.

The African country, nearly half of which is classified as semiarid, is locked in a constant battle against desertification that is exacerbated still by deforestation, overgrazing, and slash-and-burn agriculture. The capital city of Dakar is filled with trash and its air thick with car emissions while the once splendid and pristine Bay of Hann is now filled with garbage and all sorts of other waste.

Mother Earth, seeing that it can’t replenish what man uses, brings forth these djinns -a race of supernatural beings that coexisted invisibly with the early Senegalese people- in order to straighten the path humanity has taken in the recent decades. They act as messengers, or creatures of the deep, warning us of the unwanted and apocalyptic end that is just off the horizon, as the prophecy the bring to us.

“When you travel in any region of Senegal, the first thing you notice is dumped plastic everywhere,” Monteiro says. “And it’s made worse by the micro-detail products selling for everyday consumption. Plastics that are put into other plastics and then again into more plastics. It is an unbelievable system of plastic consumption.”

Urban living only amplifies the situation. “Water, earth, air: no element is spared in a megapolis such as Dakar,” he adds. The Prophecy aims to bring awareness to this dire situation and change the minds of people in Senegal and the World. “We are not going to change my generation, but the upcoming generation can change things if they are educated in time.” says Gal.