Take A Tour Of Poland’s Abandoned Hospitals


Take A Tour Of Poland’s Abandoned Hospitals
Take A Tour Of Poland's Abandoned Hospitals
Take A Tour Of Poland’s Abandoned Hospitals

Take a tour of Poland’s abandoned hospitals and let yourself be amazed of how these once heavily populated places look like now. Hospitals are at the basis of a stable society and you know things are getting though when they start being abandoned.

Martyna Nazagorska is a very talented Polish photographer who also has a very well developed adventurous side. This photographer decided to start exploring abandoned places, and buildings all over Poland in an attempt to show the effect time has on all of them over the years.

Abandoned hospitals became Martyna’s favorite places to explore and photograph because they show a more interesting story about the building’s past life.

Take A Tour Of Poland's Abandoned Hospitals
Take A Tour Of Poland’s Abandoned Hospitals

“Exploring forgotten and abandoned places, every time I feel the same excitement accompanied by fear,” said the adventurous photographer.

“Hospitals, even those working, have a specific atmosphere with the smell of medicines, inhaling the breath of suffering people, interwoven with the laugh of children in pain and the tears of happiness of young mothers and fathers.”


“A photographer in abandoned places don’t plunder and don’t rob,” Martyna says. “The lens wraps time, showing the souls of abandoned but still existing objects. Like a ghost trying to penetrate the heart of their history just to show the world a passing and so common nowadays forgetfulness.”

“Pictures of abandoned places always raise question – how many people died near these objects and in the walls of these rooms. How many people have suffered in them. There is no doubt, abandoned places are incredible source of reflection for anyone who has the opportunity to look at them with respect to as well as for those who can admire them in so mysterious and nostalgic pictures.”

If you’re interested in exploring more of Martyna Nazagorska’s work, be sure to visit her official website, right here.


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