The Plantscraper – The Future Of Urban Agriculture


The Plantscraper – The Future Of Urban Agriculture

The Plantscraper - The Future Of Urban Agriculture
The Plantscraper – The Future Of Urban Agriculture

The Planscraper is the design of Swedish company Plantagon. They believe that these sort of Skyscrapers but with plants is the way of the future and a means of addressing the issue of future food production. As its name suggests, the Plantscraper is part vertical garden, part skyscraper, and part greenhouse.

The entire purpose of one such building is to tackle the issue of large-scale farming by being as efficient as possible. Believe it or not, but much of the food that’s produced is lost in transit, either during transport or during storage. Moving the farm closer to the consumer only makes sense. It’s also important to note that much of the surface of the planet is covered in agricultural land and going up instead of sideways will greatly decrease the burden we’ve placed on Earth and all the other creatures that inhabit it.

After years of careful planning, research and development, Plantagon is ready to embark on their first plantscraper project called The World Food Building. And what’s also interesting here is that crowdfunding is the way they will see it done. This structure will be 60 meters tall, and adjacent to a 16-story office building. The location for their project will be in Linköping, Sweden. If successful, this plantscraper will be a model for future urban vertical farms around the world.

It will use a technology patented by Plantagon to produce roughly 500 metric tons of organic food annually, in a closed, clean, and climate-controlled environment. About half of the energy used to grow these plants will be recaptured and reused as floor heating in the office building. By strictly controlling the entire process, the team expects to save 1,000 metric tons of CO2 and an estimated 50 million litres of water – as compared to the conventional farming techniques.

Now, as we’ve said before, Plantagon is turning to crowdfunding to make this design into a reality.

“We are reaching out to people everywhere who feel that commercial organizations should also be the driving force of change,” said Hans Hassle, Plantagon’s Co-founder and Secretary-General. “People are sick and tired of businesses being shortsighted and just-for-profit driven. We believe it’s time for this to change and the time for ‘business as usual’ is over. With potentially 100,000 allies all over the world supporting Plantagon, we will show that the power of the crowd gets the job done.”