Pink Tokyo Overwhelms the Senses


Glowing Nighttime Photos of Tokyo Saturated in Electric Pink


Xavier Portela is a photographer who has taken upon himself to show the world something for which Tokyo is already famous for. Though not that many people have seen it, Tokyo is known as the sensory capital of the world.

In a recent trip to Japan, Portela was inspired by the country’s culture and rich graphic sensibility which are adorned with all sorts of colours and vibrant palettes of colours. While walking down the city centre, he was taken back by the exhilarating noises, lights, colours, all emanating from Tokyo itself. In order to bring Japanese character out even further, the photographer later processed the photographs to look like they were out of manga. Each of the frames is specifically made in order to capture as much of the visual and sensory overload that Tokyo has to offer.

As a Belgo-Portuguese photographer, filmmaker and visual artist, Portela is based in Brussels. He started out as a web and multimedia developer, with photography being more of a hobby than anything else. With his first DLR camera, all of this would change, however, and photography would soon become his main interest and obsession.

“I just couldn’t stop taking pictures. I was stopping on the road on my way home to take pictures, that’s when it started to become compulsive” he said in his blog.

As of 2012 he became a full-time photographer and has since worked on a great variety of projects, with this one in Tokyo being one of them. Check out his website if you’re interested in what else he’s done and especially if you like his work here. Also, please leave us your opinion in the comment section below so we can provide you with similar stuff in the near future.


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