Photographs Of Refugees And The Few Things They Took From Home


A huge number of individuals are escaping their war torn nations in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia, carrying not very many belonging with them as they make their risky — and regularly savage — ventures toward what they trust is a superior life.

The International Rescue Committee, a philanthropic guide association, authorized picture taker Tyler Jump to shoot a progression of photographs to report what displaced people brought over the Aegean Sea to Lesbos, Greece.
Europe’s refugee crisis is still far from being solved, but people are hoping that European leaders are working on a solid plan.

On the next pages you can see the photographs of refugees and the few things they took from home.


What's in your bag.
Aboessa is a 20-year-old mother from Damascus, Syria. She brought a cap and socks for her 10-month-old little girl, solution, a container of water, a jug of infant sustenance, napkins, reports, a wallet, a PDA charger, and headband.
What's in your bag.


What's in your bag.
Omran is a 6-year-old from Damascus, Syria. He brought some jeans, a syringe, snacks, toiletries, and swathes.
What's in your bag.


iqbal Iqbal is a 17-year-old from Kunduz, Afghanistan. He brought garments, toiletries, wraps, coin, a phone, and SIM cards.


anon This 34-year-old drug specialist from Syria brought cash, two or three phones, chargers, earphones, and a 16GB blaze drive with family photographs.


What's in your bag. Nour is a 20-year-old from Syria. He brought archives, a rosary, a watch, a few presents from companions, guitar picks, a phone and SIM card, a personal ID, and one shirt.
What's in your bag.

One Family

What's in your bag. 

The photographer also met a family of 31 individuals comprising of 7 ladies, 4 men, and 20 kids. The relatives each took one sack from home, yet after their watercraft sank, the family was left with only one of the packs.

It contained 1 shirt, 1 sets of pants, 1 sets of shoes, toiletries, 1 diaper, 2 containers of milk, a few bread rolls, reports, cash, clean cushions, and a brush.
What's in your bag.


What's in your bag.
25-year-old Hassan from Syria was informed that he could just bring an additional shirt and some jeans.
What's in your bag.

The International Rescue Committee’s latest updates from Lesbos can be followed here.