Photographer Takes Amazing Shots of Whales, their Babies, and All Other Marine Wonders


Photographer Takes Amazing Shots of Whales, their Babies, and All Other Marine Wonders


Living in Sydney, Australia, Rita Kluge, a freelance photographer, travels around the world, capturing the beauty of the ocean and what it still holds beneath the waves. Each of her photos shows us a gorgeous glimpse of what lies just beneath the surface, and in recent years Kluge got more close and personal whit the giants of the world, the whales, and their babies. She captures the calves’ playful nature and personality, exploring their strong bond they share with their mothers.

Though she calls herself a photographer and believes it to be her calling, she is also multi-versed in a lot of other things. She also works as a physiotherapist, is an instructor in Wing Chun King Fu, and practices snowboarding, surfing, and water skiing among other things. But what she likes to do the most is to capture the life of the ocean. And lately, she took an interest in young whales.


Last year, she traveled to Tonga and arrived there in winter. This was the time of the South Pacific’s humpback calving season – and she took advantage of the fortunate turn of events in her photographic favor.

“I had a totally unreal moment when a 4 meter humpback calf, about 2-3 months old, was going straight towards me,” she shared with The Guardian. “I thought, wow, that’s cool! Then he stopped right in front of me and I started to giggle. He was standing upright. He looked like he was asking: ‘Hey will you play with me?’”

While her trip resulted in stunning, award-winning shots of whales and others—she received multiple accolades from National Geographic and The Weekend Australian—her interactions with the gentle giants were worth so much more.

“To look into a whale’s eye is life-changing and humbling,” she says. “You stop photographing and wave to them just to say thank you. It’s emotional, maybe like a blessing. You just have to go and see yourself.”

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