Photo Of Butterflies Drinking Turtle Tears

Photo Of Butterflies Drinking Turtle Tears

Butterflies drinking turtle tears is something we hardly ever (or never) get to see captured on camera, let alone with our own eyes while we’re exploring nature’s wonders.

This striking photo demonstrates two Julia Butterflies in Ecuador drinking, so as to extinguish their thirst, tears from the eyes of two turtles. The turtles serenely permit the butterflies to get refreshment from their eyes as they luxuriate in the sun on a log.

As it might seem an unusual behavior, lacryphagy is a common habit of insects and small birds. Flies drinking horses’ tears and also birds drinking alligator tears are pretty common events in wildlife.

A closeup of the marvel of “tear-encouraging” that is something known as “lachryphagy
Photo Of Butterflies Drinking Turtle Tears


Animals have their own way of doing things and as long as man doesn’t interfere with Mother Nature‘s natural rhythm, future generations will be able to admire our stunning world and its marvels for years and years to come.

Wonders of nature often refer to landscapes and some man-made architecture. However, true wonders of nature are represented by such close and peaceful interactions of different species, bringing the world to a whole new perception of balance.

These photos of butterflies drinking turtle tears are all you need to see today in order to have a long wicked smile on your face.