20 People Who Just Realized That They’re Dating Idiots


20 People Who Just Realized That They’re Dating Idiots

20 People Who Just Realized That They're Dating Idiots
20 People Who Just Realized That They’re Dating Idiots

These 20 people who have just realized that they are actually dating idiots are here to make you feel better about your life and your relationship. No matter what your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife did today, be sure to be thankful that you are not the other half of these people.

Relationships have their own way of letting time tell which one of the two parts that form a couple is the dumb one and which one is the one who will have to suffer from it. Basically, if you haven’t noticed until now which one is the dumb one in your relationship, stop trying to figure that out, because it’s definitely you!

You should start sorting your life and relationship goals out unless you want to become one of the numbers on our lists.

BoredPanda asked its readers to send captions with the moment when they instantly realized that they were dating idiots, and here are our best picks out of the list.

1. What getting a present from a cat can lead to…

2. Some people skipped biology class.

3. “So my girlfriend didn’t want to lose the keys to her lock”

4. “My girlfriend just asked what the “No” on this switch meant”

5. ‘I Asked My Wife To Bring My Basement Shoes To Me. She Said “The Opaads?”‘

6. The Sun & The Moon

7. “This is how my wife decided to unpack her new cable”

8. “It’s surreal…”

9. “I Told My Boyfriend I Wasn’t Feeling Well And Asked Him To Buy A Thermometer On His Way Home From Work”

10. Everybody’s heading North nowadays… 


11. “My Husband Asked My Gynecologist If He Was A Texas Longhorn”

12. Astronomy is not for everyone… 

13. “aught My Girlfriend Eating These “Christmas Cookies”. They’re Dog Treats”

14. “I Am 5’1″. I Asked My 6’2″ Husband To Hang A Mirror For Me”

15. There’s something you should know about breastfeeding…

16. What’s a noun?

17. Run for your life…

18. “I See Your Wife Cable Opening Skills And Raise You My Girlfriend’s Avocado Cutting Skills”

19. “My Friend’s Husband Thought He Could Microwave His Shirt To Dry It Faster”

20. “My Girlfriend And I Are Having A Contest To See Who’s The Best Cook. I Walked In On Her Trying To Cook A Steak. I Think I Might Win This One.”