Amazing Photos of Parisian Prostitutes From The 1960’s


Amazing Photos of Parisian Prostitutes From The 1960’s

Place Blanche is just one of the small plazas in Paris, France, along the Boulevard de Clichy. But despite its size, it is filled with history. Nevertheless, this is where the famous Moulin Rouge cabaret is located, and the plaza was the centre of Paris’ transsexual community during the 1950’s and 60’s.

Arriving in Paris in the late 1950s, Christer Strömholm moved to Place Blanche and befriended the young transsexual prostitutes trying to make a living there, in the heart of the city’s red light district. Born in 1918, Christer was one of the greatest photographs of the 20th century, even though he was little known outside of his native country of Sweden. While in Paris, he documented this amazing series and the life of these girls trying to raise money for sex-change operations.

Known as Les Amies de Place Blanche, or “girlfriends of Place Blanche”,  the photo album, which amazingly shown with realistic clarity the intimate portraits of these prostitutes, rose profound issues about sexuality and gender. When released in Sweden in 1983, the album sold out almost instantly, becoming a cult classic.

“It was then —and still is —about obtaining the freedom to choose one’s own life and identity.” – Christer Strömholm