Parisian Hotel Revives the Roaring 20s with Snazzy Art Deco Interiors


Parisian Hotel Revives the Roaring 20s with Snazzy Art Deco Interiors


Although it formally closed its cast iron gates 40 years ago, Paris’ Bachaumont Hotel has recently made its grand (re)debut after undergoing a glitzy art deco redesign.

The hotel—initially deemed Le Grand Hôtel de Bachaumont—first opened in the 1920s. Ideally located in the heart of Paris, the institution quickly became an avant-garde hub for celebrities, socialites, and—due to its close proximity to Les Halles, a major marketplace—the general public. The historic hotel continued to buzz until the 1970’s, when Les Halles moved out of the quartier and took the inn’s clientele with it. The neighborhood quickly became passé, and Le Grand Hôtel de Bachaumont was forced to close.

The beautiful building was turned into Clinique Bachaumont, a medical clinic. While most simply saw another picturesque Parisian property past its glory days, Samy Marciano—a local entrepreneur and founder of La Clé Group—saw a golden opportunity. Marciano decided to restore the hotel, describing the project as a way “to give something back to a neighborhood which has given me so much.” He collaborated with Dorothée Meilichzon, a celebrated interior designer and founder of CHZON, to revamp and rejuvenate the legendary lodging.

To evoke the glitz and glamor of the roaring twenties, the duo opted for an art-deco aesthetic throughout the entire hotel. On the main floor, this stylistic approach manifests as a grand hallway—lined by mirrors and grounded by black-and-white marble flooring—as well as both an elegant restaurant with a glass ceiling and a cozy cocktail bar with a classic wooden counter. The time-traveling theme continues into the guests’ rooms, where muted tones of black, grey, and deep blue are accented by pops of gold and the simple, minimalist style of the beds is juxtaposed by the intricate and geometric tiles of the bathroom.  Large windows let in a lot of light, and cast iron balconies allow guests to get a bird’s-eye view of the Parisian streets below.

Whether you’re preparing for a trip to Paris or simply longing for a trip down memory lane, the Bachaumont Hotel is the perfect place to experience the city’s glimmering past.

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