Oscar Camilo de las Flores



Large and intense renderings suggest woven tapestries of human-kind in turmoil. A boiling pot of peopled stew, they are narratives which pulse and throb within never ending power struggles between .

Pictured here are many cropped, close ups from his larger works – it is the only way to comprehend the amount of detail Oscar incorporates into each of his drawings.

“Latin America has been the experimental board for a continuous wave of transmigrations and exchange, a sort of great collage of the world where universal understanding has long paraded its virtues and tribulations. Following the continuous tradition of western art, as well as that of my Latin American predecessors, I am keeping vigil as an artist and trying to record with keen eyes the psyche and the soul of this very important time.

I, like Orozco, Goya or Kollwitz, believe in the need to directly portray that which is inhuman and immoral in society as well as that which is compassionate and true in order to wake in all of us a sense of urgency at attending humanities’ most pressing needs.”

-Oscar Camilo de las Flores –


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