Only In The Netherlands! ‘Pussies’ – A Show About Cute Kittens Living In A Tiny House Is Going Viral



Only in the Netherlands! ‘Pussies’ – a show about cute kittens living in a tiny house is going viral for all the right reasons! People love cats, big cats, little cats, pussies, kittens and everything related and this is why it’s safe to say that the Dutch show called ‘Poesjes’ (Pussies) will be the next big hit TV series.

By now, the whole world loves cats for a very, very big variety of reasons (here are just 7 reasons why everyone should have a cat) and it was just about time somebody started a TV show about them.



‘Pussies’ is located in a tiny doll house where cats do their regular activities like eating, sleeping, playing and anything you can imagine them doing if they were to be left home alone.

‘Pussies’ is a show that basically sums up what happens in your house while you are away and your cute kittens have the entire place for themselves. Although most of the times this may cause chaos, this show about cute kittens is everything but that. It’s simply adorable.

We have to handed to the Dutch on this one, because coming up with a show about cute kittens is definitely a stroke of genius (not to mention the name – ‘Pussies’).

Here is the ‘Pussies’ preview video – A show about cute kittens

Here is the first episode ‘Pussies’ – A show about cute kittens