Only In Russia! Anti-Hunting Campaign Features Hot Models With One Huge Bear!




Only in Russia! Anti-hunting campaign features hot models with one huge bear! This is definitely one for the books and what better way to raise awareness against hunting than by photo shooting hot Russian models alongside with one huge brown bear?

These amazing pictures were taken in a forest near Moscow, having two Russian models stripping off next to Stephen, a 1433 lbs (650 kg), 7.21 ft (2.2 m), 18-year-old bear.

Maria Sidorova and Lidia Fetisova were the two models brave enough to undertake this photo shoot in order to stop the killing of innocent animals for sport. The three of them are pictured hugging, cuddling and kissing, by photographer Olga Barantseva, all to show the beauty of humans and animals living together in harmony.



Stephen, the star of this campaign, was rescued by his owner and friend, Yuriy Panteleenko, who found him struggling to survive after being hunted down. Yuriy found out that Stephen was separated from his mother and since then he decided to take care of him, offering him delicious treats like mozzarella and cookies, which he loves very much!


Maria, one of the models, declared that she was surprised of the wonderful moments she had by interacting with a real live bear: “the reality even exceeded my dreams of what it would be like to interact with such a big animal. I could hug a real bear, speak to him and hide under his giant paw“, while Lidia added that she wasn’t afraid even though the bear was almost always free to do what he wanted: “During the shoot the bear was almost free to do what he wanted – but he did not harm me. To be hugged by him and let him lick my face and hands was a very special experience“.


Only in Russia! Anti-hunting campaign features hot models with one huge bear!




Hunters, beware, because when sexy Russian models are coming after you, you most certainly stand no chance!