One Cool Minimalist Movie Poster Per Day


One Cool Minimalist Movie Poster Per Day


The history of the movie poster goes back to around the late 1930’s, early 1940’s. Back in te day, a movie poster was made solely for the theater which was exhibiting them outside while the movie was plying. When it was over, these posters and their copies were required to be returned back to the distributor. In the US, these posters were returned to a nationwide operation called the National Screen Service (NSS) which printed and distributed most of the film posters for the studios between 1940 and 1984.

Back then, the NSS regularly recycled posters that were returned, sending them back out to be used again at another theater. During this time, a film could stay in circulation for several years, and so many old film posters were badly worn before being retired into storage at an NSS warehouse (most often, they were thrown away when they were no longer needed or had become too worn to be used again). Those posters which were not returned were often thrown away by the theater owner, but some found their way into the hands of collectors.

Today, things are no longer like that, but the appeal for the movie poster remained. Thus, graphic designer Peter Majarich decided that for his 2016 New Year’s resolution, he would design a new minimalist movie poster every day.

The series entitled simply A Movie Poster A Day, is in Majarich’s eye as both of a personal challenge as well as a sort of artistic endeavor. For starters, one would need to have seen all of these movies in the first place, in order to give it it’s soul in the minimalist manner in which they’re designed. And this was his way of combining both his interest for pop culture, as well as his tendency for the minimalist aesthetic.

“Each poster aims to be an alternative take on the original theatrical release poster,” he explains, “while still staying true to the movie’s concepts.”

Besides A Movie Poster A Day, Majarich also runs a Sydney-based design studio called Craft and Graft. These posters can be yours for purchase via his shop, where you can also take a peek at his other ongoing projects.

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