No More Casinos, Native Americans Are Opening The First Cannabis Resort

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Being almost wiped out from the world, Native Americans were given the “gift” by the US government to be the only ones allowed to build and own casinos. This however was happening back in the day. Now however things are starting to change. As more and more states in the country are legalizing cannabis, earlier this year the Department Of Justice issued a statement saying they would no longer prosecute Native American tribes for the possession and sale of cannabis.

The Santee Sioux tribe of South Dakota has recently announced they will be opening the country’s first Cannabis Resort, which representatives of the tribe say will be an “adult playground.” “We want it to be an adult playground. There’s nowhere else in America that has something like this,” Santee Sioux tribe tribal President Anthony Reider told reporters.

Even after the statement was given however, many tribes are still being raided by the police in order to hinder them to go down this venture. In any case, those who will open the Cannabis resort will have to be subject to some government imposed guidelines for conduct. Marijuana can’t leave the premises of the resort and can only be sold one gram at a time. If someone wants another gram, they will have to return the bar code from their first gram in order to get a new one. Owners could face serious charges if any of these regulations will be broken by their guests.

This hasn’t deterred them however and procedures are already under way; especially if this Cannabis resort can bring in a $2 million profit margin per month.