Scientists Have Created Pink Chocolate – And It’s All Natural


Scientists Have Created Pink Chocolate – And It’s All Natural

Scientists Have Created Pink Chocolate - And It's All Natural
Scientists Have Created Pink Chocolate – And It’s All Natural

Pink chocolate is here and it’s time to rejoice! It’s been over 80 years since anything new appeared in the field of chocolate, and it seems that some Swiss scientists have finally made it possible. All in all, chocolate has changed quite a bit since the first time it was brewed by the Aztecs. The standard types of chocolate we have nowadays are pretty well established and, with a tweak here and there, they are the same.

We have the staple milk chocolate, the exquisite dark chocolate, as well as the mild white chocolate. Besides these we have some combinations with fruits or cheeses, or what have you, to create the many chocolate bars we’re familiar with. As of late, however, this has changed and we now have pink chocolate, or Ruby chocolate, as it’s officially called.

The chocolate engineers – yes, there is such a thing – at Barry Callebaut have created this new type of pink chocolate. And what’s more, is that it’s all-natural. It’s not normal or white chocolate with some additives, flavor, or colorants – it’s made from a pink-looking cocoa bean.


“Ruby chocolate is an intense sensorial delight. A tension between berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness,” they write in a press release. “Ruby chocolate is made from the Ruby cocoa bean; through a unique processing, Barry Callebaut unlocks the flavor and color tone naturally present in the Ruby bean. No berries or berry flavor is added. No color is added.”

What makes this pink chocolate stand out from the others, is not just its color. Those who’ve tried it say that its texture is also different – it’s more creamy and with a refreshing after-feel. It also has a fruity taste that emerges naturally from the Ruby bean itself. But as you might suspect, and probably how you might be feeling right now, not everyone is convinced.

Dom Ramsey, a British chocolate expert, told The Independent that he is skeptical about Ruby chocolate, mainly because Barry Callebaut isn’t yet willing to say much about the actual recipe.

“A few years ago, French chocolate company Valrhona launched a caramelized white chocolate that they also sold as the ‘fourth type of chocolate’, and that turned out to be little more than marketing.”

“Barry Callebaut are not giving much away about what this new chocolate is, or how it is made, but as I understand it, they’ve used a combination of processing techniques and specific cacao varieties to produce a milk chocolate that has lightly fruity color and flavor.”

Now, it remains to be seen whether this pink chocolate is the real thing or not – only time will tell.