NASA’s Guide To Air-Filtering Houseplants


HouseplantsWhen talking about breathable air, there’s no one better suited to give us advice than NASA. When they take astronauts into outer space, they have to take into account the smallest details and variables when it comes oxygen levels, toxins floating about and of course, plants that stabilize these levels and create a perfectly breathable atmosphere within the shuttle.

Now, living in an ever urbanized environment, far away from nature and it’s many benefits, makes us feel more tired, stressed and sick overall. This is due to the many toxins and air pollutants we breath in on a regular basis.


Our homes or even our workplace should thus become safe-havens for our health. Unfortunately, these toxins can creep in anywhere and not even these places are safe for us. Nevertheless, there are some houseplants which not only produce a lot of oxygen but also filter out all sorts of nasty pollutants that we otherwise would breathe in.

NASA has comprised a list of such air-filtering plants which are beneficial for our health and help us grow fresh oxygen inside our own homes.

Houseplants Infographic source here