Must Watch – Best Drug Commercial Ever


Best drug commercial ever. Do you find yourself depressed, contemplating the meaning of life, and daydreaming about adventures outside of the jungle concrete? If so, Nature may be right for you. The wonderful thing is, you don’t need to take any man-concocted pills, you just need to get your butt out of bed on Saturday mornings, put a leash on Fido, and head to the woods.

Being surrounded by green, leafy fauna has already been proven to alkalize the body and increase happiness, so it should come as no surprise that spending extended periods of time in the beloved depths of Mother Earth radically transforms your thought processes. If you’re sick of living someone else’s dream, desire to experience life rather than just watch it on TV, and are willing to ditch your expectations for happiness, give Nature a try!

Warning: Side effects include spontaneous euphoria, taking yourself less seriously, and being in a good mood for no apparent reason. Just watch the most accurate ‘drug’ commercial you’ll ever see and decide if Nature is right for you.


best drug commercial ever