“Mushroom Ninja” Explores the Beautiful World of Exotic Fungi on His Hikes


“Mushroom Ninja” Explores the Beautiful World of Exotic Fungi on His Hikes


The world is full of natural treasures, which Ryan Grastorf found out firsthand only about a year and a half ago. “As an effort to reduce stress in life, I just started hiking more,” he told Instagram Blog. “I found a mushroom, a very cool looking mushroom, and the rest is kind of history.”

Now, the Baltimore-based full-time student, whose Instagram followers know him as the Mushroom Ninja, spends his free time capturing images of the wonderful world of fungi. From the cartoonish toadstool to alien-like forms of exotic fungi, Grastorf has amassed an amassing portfolio of multi-colored, -shaped, and -sized mushrooms—some of which look nothing like what you’d imagine a fungal growth to look like. He estimates he’s encountered and photographed roughly 150 different kinds of mushrooms; and with a growing base of over 22,000 followers, Grastorf has been able to rely on his Instagram community to help him identify most of them.

Check out a small, diverse sampling of Grastorf’s growing collection of exotic fungi photos below, but be sure to follow him on Instagram for even more mushroom madness.


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Did you guys enjoy these amazing looking mushrooms? Another fun fact you should know about them, if you already don’t, is that all fungi are not plants or animals, but rather something different, another “kingdom” of life altogether.

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