There’s A Museum in Japan with Stones than Look Like Human Faces


There’s A Museum in Japan with Stones than Look Like Human Faces


Seeing human faces in various objects is not as strange as it would seem. In fact, this phenomenon of seeing faces in various objects, or perceiving familiar patterns where there are none is called pareidolia. We’ve all done it, and is nothing to be scared of, or be ashemed about since it’s a natural phenomenon, strongly linked to evolution. Overall, recognizing human faces is a key element to our very survival, at least frm an evolutionary standpoint.

The phonomenon, of course, doesn’t stop there, going as far as seeing various regonizable shapes in the clouds, or seeing faces in various objects like cars, houses, or even the Moon.


Well, to take it on step further, a man by the name of Shozo Hayama, has spent some 50 years collecting rocks an stones which bare a resemblance to a human face, sort of. While some do look like they were made like that by someone long ago, there are others which only have, for better or worse, two holes for eyes, and another one which might resmeble a mouth. In any case, these rock are called jinmenseki in Japanese.

An what’s more, Mr. Hayama has also opened a museum dedicated to his life’s hobby. The museum, called Chinsekikan, and which translates to “the hall of curious rocks” is located in the country’s capital city of Tokyo. However, back in 2010 Shozo Hayama passed away, and now his widow, Yoshiko Hayama, has taken over her late husband’s museum, acting as its curator. There is no exact count on the number of stones resembling faces within the museum itself, but the number hovers somewhere around 1,700.

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So, if you ever find yourself in the Land of the Rising Sun, i.e Japan, and more precisely in it’s capital city of Tokyo, feel free to coddle your sense of pareidolia, by visiting this little museum.