Movies Made Out As Old Ottoman Miniature Paintings


Movies Made Out As Old Ottoman Miniature Paintings

Movies Made Out As Old Ottoman Miniature Paintings
A scene from ‘A Clockwork Orange’ in the style of an “Ottoman miniature” painting by artist Murat Palta.

Ottoman Miniature Paintings were strongly linked to the old Persian miniature tradition, as well as the Chinese artistic influences.They were oftentimes used in books as illustrations and differed from the European Renaissance works of art at the time.

Murat Palta, a Turkish artist, has made a series in an Ottoman miniature style by mixing the old artistic tradition with famous movie scenes. His first work was made in 2011 when he combined the old Ottoman art form with some Star Wars characters. So, from the House of Blue Leaves in Kill Bill to A Clockwork Orange and Jack Nicholson’s door-smashing mental breakdown in The Shining, we have a few works that can make our day.


You can see more of his works and in greater detail in Palta’s “Classic Movies in Minature Style” page on Behance.


Here’s the famous ‘chestbuster’




A detail of the tiny Ottoman-style Tony Montana (played by Al Pacino) killing cockroaches from the painting above.

Pulp Fiction

Jules Winnfield about to ask bad-luck Brett for a bite of his “Big Kahuna Burger.”

The Shining

Kill Bill

The Big Lebowski

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Dawn of the Dead


The Godfather

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