Mount Huashan – China’s Sacred Mountain



Located in the Shaanxi region in China, close to Huayin City and 120 kilometers (75 mi.) away from Xian, Mount Huashan towers the entire region. Not the tallest mountain by any standards, only about 2200 meters (7200 feet), Mount Huashan however is considered part of the  “Five biggest mountains in China” because of its steepness.


It seems to tower up from the surrounding plains, straight into the heavens. A 12 km. (7.5 mi.) winding and narrow road goes around the mountain all the way to the top, following a very narrow path made out of planks bolted into the mountain face. On the way you’ll stumble upon many Taoist temples and former palaces from the past Chinese dynasties, spectacular views and hundred meter drops.


The East Peak is famous for watching the sunrise every morning and has a beautiful legend surrounding it and the Immortal Palm Peak which look like a huge palm print due to the natural veins in the rock face. Scaling the South peak however, offers the hiker some of the most beautiful landscapes of luxuriant green down below and the Yellow River winding at the bottom.


Lakes, caves, temples and many other wonders can be found all throughout mount Huashan which has a total of five peaks, but for those who aren’t willing or who cannot make the climb all the way to the top, there is a cable car which will happily take you there.  The experience however will not be the same as if you walked yourself, since you’ll be missing out on the thrill of walking on those narrow planks, the many temples and natural wonders which you’ll find all along the way.


After the long and quite dangerous hike all the way up on the Southern Peak, an old Taoist temple has been converted into a tea house in order to reward those brave enough who made the climb.