Most Popular Books Set In Each State, In Both Europe and The US


Here are two maps showing the most popular books set in each state, in both Europe and the US. The writers of these books are not from those places, but the story takes place there! By using Goodreads’ were able to create these nice maps of both Europe and the United States, showing each country / state and their respective book.

Most Popular Books Set In Each State

Not surprisingly, some of these titles have been made into movies since they were written, many of them being best seller in their own right. Among these we can find titles such as Shutter Island in Massachusetts, Gone Girl in Missouri, Contact in Wyoming, The Godfather in New York, Angels and Demons in Vatican City or Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows in the UK.

Just imagine how great it is to see what other people have read about your country or state from books whose action takes place at your “doorstep”. How many of these books have you read by the way. If you’re thinking about going to a particular country, you might also consider taking one of these book with you and maybe you’ll find something interesting.

Most Popular Books Set In Each State