More Young People Are Watching Planet Earth than X Factor


More Young People Are Watching Planet Earth than X Factor

It is not often that in this day and age, people to still have a sense of wonder about the world. Even though many around the world today have the largest library at their very fingertips, they still aren’t fond of using it in that manner. Probably because of the many other distractions found on that said internet. But nevertheless, David Attenborough’s Planet Earth II, an amazing nature documentary, has brought the magic of the real world into the hearts and minds of many young people. In fact, Planet Earth has had more people watching it than the classic X Factor. According to the BBC, 1.4 million viewers, aged 16 to 35, have watched X Factor, whereas 1.8 million watched Planet Earth II.

“I’m told that we are attracting a larger than normal number of younger viewers,” Attenborough told The Times. “That pleases me enormously.”

As the name of the documentary suggests, this Planet Earth is the second series of nature documentaries. The first one was one of the most expensive ones ever filmed, and the first ever made in high definition. It became an instant hit, establishing an already established Attenborough as an iconic figure, and drawing millions of people closer to science. Its sequel is promising to do the same.

While the original series makes use of stunning aerial shots, Planet Earth II takes a different approach, giving viewers the feeling that they are seeing the world from the perspective of the animals.

“It is our environmental legacy that the younger generation of today will inherit; we need them to become the environmental champions of the future,” Attenborough told The Telegraph.

As it seems, a new generation of people is brought closer to science thanks to these documentaries but there is still much work to do. So far, only three episodes have aired and I for one can’t wait for the others. The series may not be available in every country yet, but you might be able to see it online on streaming platforms (legally, please).