Minimum Wage Machine Lets You Experience Making The Minimum Wage In The US



This minimum wage machine lets you experience making the minimum wage in the US, which is $8 per hour (New York State’s minimum wage in 2014). Since then, the minimum wage in New York State was raised with $0.75 per hour, but that’s not what this machine is about.

The minimum wage machine offers you 8 dollars in pennies by turning a crank for a whole hour, letting you get the full experience of getting the minimum wage while doing a very unsatisfying, dead end job.


This minimum wage machine can be used anywhere in the world, being programmed to adjust to the minimum wage of each state or country where it is exposed, offering the same experience to every working class citizen across the globe.

Considering the people that work in fast food chains, supermarkets and gas stations and other jobs that lead to no successful careers, which also earn the minimum wage, this machine is meant to make you empathize with those persons that really work hard for their money.


By turning the crank on the minimum wage machine, you will not only realize the value of a dollar, but you will also realize that even without dealing with rude customers, or with a dangerous or toxic environment, you’ll still not turn the crank for hours for just $8.

The minimum wage machine is truly a social experiment that will make you change the way you look at work and think twice before judging a person that works hard to make a living and trust us, you won’t last more than a few minutes doing this pointless, random activity of turning the crank.