Millennial Bedrooms From Around The World


Millennial Bedrooms From Around The World

Bedrooms, just like people’s facebook walls or Youtube accounts, can tell a lot of things about a person. And just like these online mediums, bedrooms are adorned with our own personal interests. Things like colours, sheets, paintings, and all other objects can even state a person’s state of mind. And with these photos here, we can even understand the human psyche as a whole.

This is why French photographer, John Thackwray conducted a six-year-long experiment in which he interviewed and photographed over 1,200 millennials and their bedrooms all around the world.

“Each person has their own story and they can talk about something that is wider and more universal. […] such as living into the war, adoptions, the traditional values, the rural exodus, or the African unity for example. I’m trying to do a big story in a small one,” he explained.

As time marches on, technology evolves at an ever-increasing rate. But even though this is the case, the world is changing with it at different rates. Known as the My Room Project, Thackwray’s work shows the clear discrepancies between people, culture and economies all across the world.

And to achieve the project, he made use of his own personal relations, social networks, NGOs, and even went out asking random people on the street if he can photograph their bedroom. As you can imagine, this last one was as awkward and sometimes even dangerous.

Here are some of Thackwray’s thoughts about what he experienced during his project.

“Most of them share an access to Internet and social network, including Saudi young women and farmers in the African bush. This is definitely the connected generation,” Thackwray said. “And something important to keep in my mind is that this is the youth who is designing the world of tomorrow.”


“Many people confuse comfort and happiness,” he said. “Actually I’ve seen more smiles in poor countries, and much more depression in developed countries.”


1. Room #24: Joseph, 30, an artist in Paris
2. Room #192: Andreea, 24, a civil engineer in Bucharest, Romania
3. Room #205: Gullé, 29, an actress in Istanbul, Turkey
4. Room #219: Maleeq, 28, an entertainer in New York City
5. Room #256: Ryoko, 25, an IT engineer in Tokyo
6. Room #290: Yuan, 22, a seller in Dali, China
7. Room #313: Fha, 20, a farmer in Ban Sai Ngam, Thailand
8. Room #348: Asha, 17, a housewife in Bamansemilya, India
9. Room #385: Pema, 22, a Buddhism student in Kathmandu, Nepal
10. Room #416: Oleg, 24, a telecom engineer in Novosibirsk, Russia
11. Room #458: Zhalay, 18, a high school student in Zhambyl, Kazakhstan
12. Room #466: Élahé, 29, a painter in Tehran, Iran
13. Room #561: Ben, 22, a movie student in Dallas
14. Room #665: Marcello, 18, a high school student in La Paz, Bolivia
15. Room #711: Claudio, 24, an archivist in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
16. Room #733: Fatou, 17, a seamstress in Thiès, Senegal
17. Room #807: Mohamad, 18, a high school student in Saint Catherine, Egypt
18. Room #867: Ezekiel, 22, a warrior-nomad in Echo Manyata, Kenya
19. Room #915: Josee, 22, an accounting student in Kigali, Rwanda
20. Room #1049: Osia, 18, a shepherd in Ha Selomo, Lesotho
21. Room #1093: Sabrina, 27, a kindergarten teacher in Shatila, Lebanon