Mental Illnesses Represented With Architecture


Mental Illnesses Represented With Architecture

Mental Illnesses Represented With Architecture
Mental Illnesses Represented With Architecture

Mental Illnesses and disorders are hard to put into words. If you’re not suffering from any of them, or you don’t have a close one who is, then you can’t really understand what mental illnesses are or how they behave.

This is why Federico Babina, an Italian architect and graphic designer who lives in Barcelona, Spain, has released a new project called Archiatric, through which he wants to portray some of these mental illnesses and disorders with houses in various states of disrepair.

Each house is abstract and eerily uncomfortable to look at, especially given that we all know what they actually represent. And anyone who is in any way familiar with any of these disorders can attest to their accuracy. Babina is known for his unique use of geometric style and shapes that have a clear influence from cubism.

Below these images for some of the mental illnesses, you’ll also find a YouTube video that shows these representations in motion.





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What do you guys think about these illustrations about mental disorders? Please leave us your opinion in the comment section below and tell us if you find them accurate, or at least interesting. If not, then don’t be shy to tell that too.

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