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Meet Radamenes, the Amazing Cat from Poland That Takes Care of Sick & Wounded Animals!




Meet Radamenes, the amazing cat from Poland that takes care of sick & wounded animals in the town of Bydgoszcz. Radamenes is a very cute little black cat that was brought back to life by doctors from the veterinary center, when she had almost no chances left of surviving.

Since then Radamenes stayed at the clinic with the other sick and wounded animals and helped them through their though time. She cuddles with them, she offers them massages while they are resting and recovering from surgery and she also cleans the other animals at the veterinary center in Bydgoszcz.

Radamenes, the amazing cat from Poland, is truly a role model for us all, proving once again that animals have feelings too, and that animals can sometimes give us a real lesson in humanity.









Having such a beautiful and special cat like Radamenes, the veterinary center quickly became the town’s attraction and people stop by to see the cute little cat nurse taking care of her little recovering friends.


This amazing cat from Poland will stand by her friends whenever she’s needed, in order to help them get trough though times.



Written by T.B.V.

Passionate Explorer and Co-Founder @Gipsy_Ninja & @PencilNex. Life's short, go out with a bang!

  • thats sweet an loving

  • margarita rangel

    That’s so sweet!!

  • Kate Duncan

    What a wonderful little cat, so sweet. It’s like she is saying thankyou for saving her life

  • so much love in this little angel’s face <3

  • That is adorable !!

  • mrtsgrhelen

    What an amazing cat.

  • Missbuggz

    *shakes head* it’s cute to us, no question, but we’re all sitting here ascribing human words to these animals, like love and nursing and if you know much about cat behaviour, they really don’t apply. “Offering them massages” is a self-comforting response to an invasion of territory, and grooming other animals is a territorial dominance display, pure and simple.

    • takes 1 moron to spoil a great display of an animal helping others

    • v b

      you’re wrong! Cats groom each other all the time as other species do. It’s called allogrooming aka social grooming.Obviously you’ve never kept domestic animals or seen animal planet! The cat is amazing and adorable , pure and simple!

    • hips

      Wow Missbuggz what a wonderful cheery soul you are. Best you are the life and soul at funerals and wakes

  • tinna seva

    Beautiful and such a caring baby

  • Edyta from Poland

    Little mistake, it is a boy, not a girl 🙂 But I agree, Rademenes is a very sweet little cat 🙂

    • But SHE is a cat. 🙂

  • Linda Strang

    My vet had a rescued cat that did this too. He was white with a grey spot on his forehead that looked like a fish.. hence his name was fish. 🙂

  • Trina

    What an amazing cat

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