Video Exposes How Meat Consumption Is Destroying The Planet


Riveting Video Exposes How Meat Consumption Is Destroying The Planet


Animal agriculture is the number one contributor to environmental destruction, species extinction, and ocean dead zones. The best way to help remedy this is to adopt a predominantly plant-based diet. Sure, pork, beef, and chicken might be tasty, but have you ever considered the ethical, health, and environmental effects of regularly consuming animal products? Few have, and this is an issue.

Why? Because animal agriculture is the number one cause of environmental destruction. And, of course, humans are to blame for this travesty.

In the powerful video above, it is clearly conveyed how man’s insatiable lust for more – specifically animal products – is having a devastating toll on the environment. Not only is animal agriculture the leading cause of species extinction, it is responsible for consuming one-third of all fresh water on the planet, is the leading cause of ocean dead zones (areas in the oceans where excessive pollution has depleted the oxygen needed for marine life to survive), and is to blame for 91% of the Amazon rainforest’s destruction.

Documentaries like Cowspiracy have brought attention to this vast issue. The unfortunate reality, however, is that few are paying attention or improving their dietary habits.

As a result, two out of three farm animals are now factory-farmed, as it’s easier and cheaper to mass-produce animals on a grand scale. But, with money being the driving factor of such businesses, ethics takes a backseat to convenience. Even organic meat has its issues, mainly because the demand is too high.

Barbi Lazarus, Donor and Volunteer Resources Coordinator for the Toronto Vegetarian Association, told The Plaid Zebra:

“If the world were to switch to eating truly organic and free-range animal products, there would still need to be a significant reduction in the amount of animal products people eat. It couldn’t keep up with the current pace. Every little bit counts, even if it’s Meatless Mondays or being vegan until six.”

It’s not a comfortable reality to accept if you have a love affair with animal products, but it’s essential, nonetheless. On a positive note, you can start slowly by removing meat from one of your daily meals. Find tasty alternatives you enjoy that can replace meat products, and experiment with nourishing and satisfying plant-based recipes.

We’ll bet you don’t only feel better health-wise, you’ll have a bounce in your step from doing what you can to benefit Mother Earth. After all, as the video suggests, “She is our mother. There is only one. She is dying. She can be saved.”