Max, Hero Dog of the Romanian Army, Buried With Military Honors



Max, hero dog of the Romanian Army, buried with Military Honors, is just the type of news we need, in order to show people that animals deserve all the love, respect and recognition we have to offer.

Most of the times, animals are treated poorly by corporations from the fashion and pharma industries, performing severe and brutal types of animal testing, while in very few situations, animals, like Max, the hero dog of the Romanian Army, receive a perfect “farewell”.

We have to hand it to Romania, because this is how it should be done. Every country in the world should respect animals and animal rights, and honor their military companions when they’re gone.



Max, hero dog of the Romanian Army, was buried with Military Honors for his service inside the 2 EOD military group, where he thought along side his human colleagues in Afghanistan and performed several missions for saving human lives.

Max was a 6-year-old German Shepard that was diagnosed with an incurable heart disease and shortly after with Dirofilaria. After his death, the hero dog was decorated with the Knight’s Rank in Outstanding Honors.



The Romanian Land Forces posted a farewell message on Facebook:

“Comrade, friend, hero…

Max was for all military men a trustful partner, who risked his life for those of his colleagues, in torrid heats and the Afghan dust. Today, however, the comrades of Max, the hero dog, the military men from 2 EOD Group, have brought him a last honor, on a cool and rainy day, as if the sky is also crying for him…

Farewell, comrade!”

His partner, Major Sergeant Valentin Roşioară, the man that marched together with Max, hero dog of the Romanian Army, at the country’s National Day parade, wanted to say his goodbyes as well: “He was my partner in battle and my best friend. He will always stay in my heart. Farewell, dear friend.”