NASA’s New Mars Rover Concept Looks Like The Batmobile


NASA’s New Mars Rover Concept Looks Like The Batmobile

NASA's New Mars Rover Concept Looks Like The Batmobile
NASA’s New Mars Rover Concept Looks Like The Batmobile – image via

In order to get people excited about the future Mars expedition, NASA has unveiled its brand new Mars Rover concept for the world to see. The Mars rover will be travelling the country as part of the Kennedy Space Centre’s ‘Summer of Mars‘ educational event.

The design was put forth by the Parker Brothers Concepts, which is in partnership with NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre Visitor Complex, and which looks strikingly similar to the modern version of the Batmobile. Right? The rover’s design and characteristics were made in such a way as to cope with the harsh environment found on the Red Planet.

The Mars rover is estimated to weigh in at close to 5,000 pounds (2.27 metric tonnes) and is an incredible 28 feet long, or 8.5 meters. You know that it isn’t suited to be driven on the roads here on Earth. It has an electric motor and has a maximum speed of 60 to 70 miles per hour (100-112 kph)

The Mars rover also separates in the middle – that’s why it’s so long in the first place. The rear section is a fully complete lab, whereas the front section is the cockpit that can go on ahead and scout.


The Mars Rover on the Road

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The Mars rover was first unveiled in Florida, already getting people excited about the Mars expedition. And throughout the upcoming summer months, it will be travelling throughout various cities all across the US. After that, the rover will take part in the “astronaut training experience” that will be opening at the centre in autumn.

But besides those fortunate enough to see it in person, the Mars rover will also take part in a reality TV series.

We’re also filming for a reality television series that’s going to be coming out about this build,” said Marc Parker, one of the rover’s creators who also claims the show will be released on “one of the bigger cable networks”. Unfortunately, however, this concept vehicle will not see any real action on Mars, but it will nevertheless serve as a prototype and as an inspiration for future concepts.