Maps & Charts Detailing Christmas Tree Preferences in The US

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Having a Christmas Tree and decorate it every year is a tradition many people around the world cherish. Many may not even be Christian. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that everyone has the same preferences. Some prefer a traditional tree, while others go or the more eco-friendly artificial ones. Others go even further and design their own unique style of tree. Anyway, here are some maps and charts detailing Christmas tree preferences in the US.

It is no denying that the most sought after color or an artificial tree is green. In every state throughout the US, the majority of Christmas trees are green, but which non-traditional tree color is most popular in each state? White trees tend to dominate the midwest and south, while some northeastern states prefer silver. In the west, colorful trees in pink, red, and orange dominate.


Tennessee, Florida, and West Virginia are the top spenders for artificial Christmas trees. Christmas Tree Preferences in The US

Figures reflect total artificial sales normalized by 2014 state GDP as reported by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis.


Two-thirds of US households display an Artificial tree and just fewer than 1 in 5 display a Real tree.


Households that display artificial Christmas trees are more likely to display more than one tree.


Most Americans Plan to keep their artificial Christmas Trees for around 10 years.


When buying a tree, shape and realism matter to consumers the most.