Manchester United Players Buy Hotel and House The Homeless


stock exchange

As BBC reports, Manchester United football stars Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs, have purchased a building in the UK and plan to renovate it and during the coming winter, house the homeless inside. After purchasing the 1.5 million pound Stock Exchange building, they contacted the the Manchester Angels, who will use the building to shelter 30 young men during the winter months of this year.

The football stars plan to transform the building into a boutique hotel come spring. Until then, these homeless men will take up residence inside for the next couple of months. Even if temporary, Wes Hall, one of the homeless activists who spoke to Channel 4 News, burst into tears as soon as he received the call from Neville, the Manchester United coach.

“To us, this is a lifeline; this is saving lives throughout the winter period,” he said.

These men will also take care of the building and maintain it up until January of next year, and they plan to leave it in a better state then the way they found it. The Manchester Angels are calling the building the “Sock Exchange,” for their goal of collecting clothing for the homeless.