Man Walks All Day In The Snow To Create Amazing Geometric Patterns



English artist Simon Beck never ceases to amaze us with his large-scale murals of geometric patterns in snow. Each visually breathtaking piece, which Beck manually creates by walking through the snow and leaving behind his track prints, adds a surreal element to its natural landscape. Walking countless miles on end, the dedicated artist manages to produce startlingly symmetrical and elaborate designs on the soft, white bed of snow that covers acres upon acres of land.

Beck’s ability to not only trek through the slippery surface and icy temperatures but to also keep track of his steps is absolutely remarkable. The beautifully plotted details of the artist’s work complement the untouched expanse of snow and ice capped mountains that surround them each year. With the next winter season just around the corner, we’re excited to see Beck’s next series of artistic snow exhibitions. In the meantime, check out some of his work from earlier this year, just before the snow melted away.

A truly amazing sight to see when going up the slope, atop the sky lift. Taking in the brisk cold air, admiring the white view and taking in Simon Beck’s amazing geometric patterns.


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