Magical Finland Under the Northern Lights in Winter


Magical Finland Under the Northern Lights in Winter

Born and based in beautiful Lapland, Finland, nature photographer Tiina Törmänen is never short on inspiration. A real-life winter wonderland, the Finnish Lapland is renowned for its sparkling, snowy landscapes lit by starry skies and the spectacular Northern Lights. Törmänen captures this seasonal beauty in her fantastic photographs of Lapland’s luminous landscapes.

Each expertly shot photo depicts a different awe-inspiring aspect of Törmänen’s stunning surroundings. Set against the shimmering blues, greens, and purples of the Aurora borealis, the scenes offer a glimpse into life in Lapland. Cozy, illuminated cabins dot quiet, snow-blanketed hills, reindeer roam through icicle-covered evergreens, and frozen waterfalls make time stand still.

“I think it’s nice to show people this silent beauty,” Törmänen told the Daily Mail. “And to remind people how amazing this planet is, how much there is beauty in life itself.”

While Törmänen was born in Lapland, she migrated to Helsinki in 1998. There, she worked as a chef (though she “never had an overwhelming passion for working in kitchens”) and an assistant for a commercial studio photographer. Eventually, she discovered her passion for shooting landscapes. She returned to Lapland in 2010, and hasn’t looked back since.

“You know when you are born and raised somewhere, your surroundings are normal and you don’t even think about them, you just take it all for granted,” she explains on her website. “But after spending 15 years in the southern cities, I saw the North in a different light and was even more blown away about the beauty of what we have here. It has been long journey but once you follow your passion it will lead you somewhere beautiful in the end.”