Luxottica – An Eyeglass Manufacturing Monopoly In Everything But Name



If you were to ask people about Luxottica, 9 times out of 10, these people will just shrug their shoulder at you. You’ll be surprised to know that despite its obscurity from the public eye, Luxottica is the largest manufacturer of eye glasses in the world. It was founded back in 1961 in a small village in northern Italy. By the 1980’s however, the company went international and began to buy off its competition and everything eyeglass related it could get its hands on.

So much so that today their sunglasses are sold under several brands all across the world. Some of these brands are: Ray Ban, Killer Loop, Vogue, T3 and Persol. They also manufacture eye-wear for Chanel, Bulgari, Armani, Ungro, Anne Klein and Moschino, among many others. Luxottica produces somewhere around 130,000 frames per day, being also the owner for Eye Med and Vision Care in the United States. These companies provide people with prescription eyeglasses.

Producing around 80% of all eyeglass frames in the world, Luxottica made over $9.7 billion in 2013. So, next time you’re in a store, looking for a new pair of shades and you see two similar looking frames but with a $300 difference in price tag, you can be 80% sure they were made on the exact same assembly line. Whether you bought them at Sears, Target, Pearle Vision, The Sunglass Hut or Prada (many of which belong to Luxottica as well), you were actually buying from the exact same place, with only the illusion of having a choice in the matter.