Laura Dekker is The Youngest Person To Circumnavigate The Planet All Alone



Laura Dekker is the youngest person to circumnavigate the planet. Moreover, she did it all alone and without any help from anyone. Back in 2010 she embarked on a journey which took her around the planet during a period of one year and a half. She was only 14 years old back then. But her story doesn’t start there and it wasn’t as simple as it sounds.

She was born in 1995 in New Zealand during a seven year sailing trip by her parents. They traveled the world for another five years before returning to their homeland of Holland. Her father is a boat builder while her mother, a street performer. Being on a boat since birth she was accustomed to sailing and was doing it all alone since the age of six. Sailing along the the coast of the Netherlands and the North Sea, in 2009 she made a solo trip to England. There she decided to make a round trip around the globe. This is also the time when her problems began.

When the Dutch government got wind of her plans they were vehemently against her leaving alone. For the next 10 months Laura Dekker and her parents fought a battle with the authorities which went so far as to place her into the state’s care. Fortunately she was given back into her parents and one month later she was on her way. On August 2010 she left on her journey, starting off at Gibraltar, heading towards the Panama Canal. She then crossed the Pacific towards Australia and then back around the African coast, reaching the island nation of Saint Maarten in the Caribbean, one and a half years later.

Not wanting to go back to the Netherlands, she set sail for her birth-grounds of New Zealand, crossing the Pacific once again. Now at age 20, she is living happily on the island, and being happy to exchange the Dutch flag to the Zew Zealand one on her 30 year-old, 38 foot yacht called Guppy.